Babylon’s Fall: New Negative Record – Fiasco for Square Enix

Babylon's fall, no thanks!  Editor David Benke no longer wants live service games from Square Enix.

Babylon’s Fall is arguably a perfect example of how deep live service games are sink can fall. Upon release, the game received numerous negative reviews from critics and players. Since the title wasn’t advertised very well either, and many players simply didn’t know about the existence of Babylon’s Fall, Square Enix’s new live service game was able to keep a relatively small player base.

Nobody plays Babylon’s Fall

On average, about 15 simultaneous users play the new game from PlatinumGames. In May of this year it even happened that only a single player was online for a short time. Unfortunately, this record could now be undercut even further, because loud Steam Charts the world of Babylon’s Fall was not populated by a single player on June 18, 2022 at 5 p.m.

Shortly after that dip, the title was able to regain its normal ten players, but the dwindling player base definitely doesn’t bode well for Babylon’s fall. Square Enix themselves have already stated that they don’t want to abandon their new live service game, and according to PlatinumGames, two seasons of content have already been completed and a third is currently in the works. Whether Babylon’s Fall can still pick up speed is questionable. After all, not even one could Collaboration with NieR: Automata significantly increase the number of players.