Diablo Immortal: How To Find And Defeat The Raid Boss Vitaath The Trembling Death (Guide)

Besides the usual scum of hellyou in Diablo Immortal have to fight, there are also a few really challenging opponentswhich can only be placed by the best players, but also very special rewards promise. One of these opponents is the monster Vitaath the trembling death.

At this raid boss it is one extremely demanding enemywhich requires you to know your character inside and out, to know exactly what you have to do on the battlefield and at best in a well matched group fights If this is the case, we will tell you in this one Guidewhere you can find Vitaah and defeat him.

Finding Diablo Immortal: Vitaath the Shivering Death

Before you can even think about it, get into the Battle against Vitaath to fall, you have to first Completed the main campaign to have. Because only those who have finished the main story in “Diablo Immortal” can do that Reliquary of Hell receive and face new raid bosses.

The object in the original Helliquary called is an item intended to capture the souls of powerful demons and to close. For you, however, the object primarily serves to open raids in which you once a week you can compete with eight players against special bosses.

a nice one bonus effect there is on top of that, because the Reliquary of Hell is also used to strengthen your character. So you get on the one hand a buff for your combat rating and on the other one special buff in challenge portals. In order to use all of this, however, you must first find this special object.

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To do this, complete the main story of the game and then visit if you already have level 45 have achieved Deckard Cainwho you one new quest assigns. This will eventually lead you to that Barbarian Smith Rayekwho you in a mini questline explains the functions of the Reliquary of Hell.

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Now look for another one battle-hardened group of eight playersthe quickest way to do this is by using the Einfrin Tree in the Westmark center and interact with the Reliquary of Hell there. Do you have the raid bosses? Lassal the Entwined of Flame and Chaos Herald Pyl already defeated, you can now challenge Vitaath.

Then go to the place Frozen tundraan area where a Levels from 50 to 55 is recommended. You will find the position you are looking for east of the Cave of Echoes. Interact with the portal to start the fight against the raid boss, but make sure that you have your clenched Combat power 2,280 exceeded, otherwise you have little chance of winning.

Diablo Immortal: Find and Defeat Vitaath the Shivering Death Guide

Diablo Immortal: Defeat Vitaath, here’s how

As soon as you die arena once you have achieved it, you will notice it different henchmen of Vitaath to do, so your group should also be fairly balanced and everyone should know exactly how to larger groups done, without leaving other players behind. Only when these underlings are defeated does the real one begin Battle against the boss.

In this fight are characters that are about ranged attacks have a clear advantage. The closer you are to Vitaath, the greater the danger of one of them strong ice attacks get off. ranged have more space and more time to dodge the attacks of this icy demon.

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Battle against Vitaath: Stage 1

At the beginning of the fight, this raid boss moves in Diablo Immortal still in a very small area and attacks your group members at random intervals on. Be extra careful at first when it comes to Vitaath’s special attacks goes, of which he uses four different types in phase 1.

  • ice rings: Four ice zones are created, shown as blue markers on the ground. Whoever stands here gets an ice magic on their head. Dodge these spells by simply running out of the circles.
  • ice sword: Vitaath uses her blade to perform a forward swing attack. You will be shown the affected area, so simply run out of the marking.
  • icicle: The raid boss throws down icicles in a straight line in front of him. You will be shown the corresponding area, so you can simply dodge to the side.
  • ice debuff: A random player gains an icy debuff that deals damage over time. Other players should stay away from the affected character.
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Battle against Vitaath: Phase 2

do you have vitaath dealt a fair amount of damagebegins stage 2which is announced by the fact that the raid boss rises in the air and summons new underlings. Your primary task now is to take care of these henchmen, especially the ones cloneswhich the boss creates of himself and which too Summon Icicles be able.

Once you’ve taken care of the minions, Vitaath will return and generally meet you with the same attacks, which she already used in phase 1. What means to you again to keep your distance, dodge in time and watch out for your teammates. Ranged fighters have one again here due advantage.

But it is also possible, this raid boss from “Diablo Immortal” proper fire in close combat to do under the butt. Just wait for it until Vitaath is distracted and looks in a different direction. Then unleash your strongest melee attacks to do some real damage and keep the fight going drift into phase 3.

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Battle against Vitaath: Stage 3

In the third phase, Vitaath turns up the heat again and you have to make sure deal maximum damage as quickly as possiblebecause the longer the fight lasts, the worse yours are chances of winning. Above all, pay attention to these new area attackwhich Vitaath will summon.

This aimless area attack made of ice flies in all directions and can be tricky to dodge, so you’ll need to pay extra attention in phase 3. between airlineswhich are displayed to you on the ground, you can stand safely, long-range fighters have a great advantage here again, since the safe area is to the rear getting bigger becomes.

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Vitaath will also use other abilities, but hers is the only one worth mentioning Summons of new minionswhich you must always defeat first, otherwise the fight will be very fast very messy will and chances of one strong attack being hit skyrocket massively.

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Battle against Vitaath: Stage 4

The last phase similar to phase 2because Vitaath will use everything you’ve already seen there, only this time it will be the raid boss don’t get airbornebut happily continue to launch attacks over and over again new clones and henchmen summon. So now you have to use everything you have learned in the first three phases have.

Here, too, it is advantageous to find the distance to the boss and you must once again favor the underlings. Once you’ve killed everyone, Vitaath should end up trembling in death after a few good hits. Keep in mind that your reward depends on which one difficulty level you fought this boss in Diablo Immortal.