Leon Machère vs. Kaan Yavi: Time – when does the boxing match start?

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The next Universum Fight Night is coming up soon, with Leon Machère vs. Kaan Yavi as the main fight. Here you can read when you should switch on the boxing match.

Hamburg – Boxing is trendy, fists have been flying lately, especially between well-known influencers and online personalities. The upcoming Universum Boxing Night has just such a fight between YouTubers Leon Machère and Kaan Yavi on the agenda, but the schedule for the evening hints at some more boxing action. You can read here at what time the boxing event starts and who else will enter the ring on Saturday apart from Leon Machère and Kaan Yavi.

Full name Rustem Ramaj
Known as Leon Machere
birthday April 16, 1992
Place of birth Prizren (Kosovo)
Followers on YouTube 2.42 million (as of June 2022)
Followers on Instagram 560,000 (as of June 2022)

Leon Machère vs. Kaan Yavi: Fight Night Date and Time

When does the fight start? Next week the bells will ring again, fists will fly and thousands of spectators want to be there. The next Universum Boxing Night is upon us, again with high quality fights and the highly anticipated showdown between Leon Machère and Kaan Yavi as the main event at the end of the evening. The fight is scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 25, 2022, with the event officially starting at 5:00 p.m. Admission to the arena starts at 4:00 p.m., but those watching from home can also switch on the live stream of the YouTuber fight from 5:00 p.m.

  • Date: June 25, 2022
  • Inlet: 4 p.m
  • Beginning: 17:00 o’clock
  • Venue: Universum Gym, Grosse Elbstrasse 268, 22767 Hamburg
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The Leon Machère vs. Kaan Yavi fight will by far not be the only one on Saturday evening. After all, the Universum Boxing Night starts in the late afternoon, but is likely to last well into the night. A few more fights are expected for the big boxing event.

Leon Machère vs. Kaan Yavi: Time – when does the boxing match start?

© Instagram: Universumboxing/Unsplash (montage)

Leon Machère vs. Kaan Yavi: All fights and participants in the big boxing event

Who fights on Fight Night? For the general public and the YouTube community, the big announced main fight of the evening should easily be the big highlight. In all probability, Leon Machère and Kaan Yavi will be last and until then there is still a packed evening program. Universum Boxing has already confirmed further fights.

The two influencers Momonews and Cem TV are fighting, and there is also a lightweight title fight between Artem Harutyunyan and Humberto Galindo. Rostam Ibrahim and Ben Adwubi are also confirmed as fighters, but it is not yet clear if the two will also fight each other directly.

  • The fights on June 25, 2022
  • Rostam Ibrahim vs. Ben Adwubi (unconfirmed)
  • Artem Harutyunyan vs Humberto Galindo
  • Momonews vs. Cem TV
  • Leon Machere vs Kaan Yavi

What time is the main fight? With the amount of fights at the upcoming Universum Boxing Night and the usual length of these boxing events, it is not yet possible to say exactly when Leon Machère and Kaan Yavi will meet. However, you should assume that the main event won’t easily rise until after midnight, as has been the case with past events. In any case, in the face-off between Leon Machère and Kaan Yavi, things got hot between the two YouTubers, so a heated fight should be inevitable.

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List of rubrics: © Instagram: Universumboxing/Unsplash (montage)