Lost Ark: Western players feel let down by Amazon and look at Korea with envy

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Players on Lost Ark western servers are disappointed that the June update has been delayed yet again. At the same time, they have to watch as Korean and Russian servers get exciting updates.

The big update with new dungeons, a legion raid and a new power pass was originally supposed to appear in mid-June. Amazon then postponed the patch by a week, only to announce that the new content wouldn’t be released until June 30th.

So the players have to be patient. At least Amazon has managed to block a large number of bots that have been overrunning Lost Ark lately.

Lost Ark West feels neglected

Why the envy? While the western community has been disappointed two weeks in a row, Korean servers are getting new skins. The Legendary Skins are available in the shop and not only look cool, but also buff your character. Here you can see the skins (via exporter.com):

The west should have gotten new skins two weeks ago as well. Not the Legendary Skins, but Lost Ark planned the Yoz’s Jar Skins in the June roadmap, which, however, caused a shitstorm because they could cost up to €530.

Due to the delay, it is unclear whether the next class will come in July as planned, but so far the publisher has at least stuck to the monthly cornerstones. Amazon also announced in the roadmap that the long-awaited artist as a class will no longer come to the West in 2022. So the envy is also growing in the direction of Russia and Japan, because the artist is now playable there.

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User rafaelsk summarized the feelings of the community on reddit within a meme:

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The post gets a lot of approval on reddit.

  • DogOfBaskerville says, “Oof, that hurts… quite true at the moment unfortunately. But hey… lailai”
  • David_mtg says: “Right now I really regret waiting for the western version and investing so much time. I wish I had just started on the Korean version with a VPN or something. Hopefully we’ll get the opportunity to do a server transfer at some point.”
  • Ddevi_ quotes the developers: “‘You can look forward to the summer, it will be a good time for Lost Ark'”
  • _XIIX_ says, “The picture describes my feelings pretty well. If they at least did the artist as a global release, I wouldn’t be so sad about the whole situation right now.”

Amazon hardly reacts to the criticism. They merely claim to have been “blocked” for weeks, but don’t explain anything specific. The community manager Roxx commented on this in the forum, but could not appease the players, but rather unsettled them further.

Instead of the update, there was a smaller patch on June 23rd. Also, Amazon has extended login rewards by a week.

How do you feel about the situation in Lost Ark? Do you think the anger at Amazon and the envy of Korean players are justified? Do you think the update will finally come out next week? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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In general, the mood at Lost Ark has changed noticeably. You can also see that in the Steam reviews: Lost Ark only achieves 60% positive reviews on Steam – What happened to the most popular MMORPG?