Pokémon Go: Long-distance raids remain

Pokémon Go: Long-distance raids remain

This coming weekend, during the next Pokémon Go Community Day, there will be limited-time raids that can only be completed by local players.

The long-distance raids, which were introduced during the corona pandemic, should not disappear from the game in the future, emphasizes Niantic.

unfounded worries

Some fans were concerned that Niantic might scrap long-distance raids, as has happened with other bonuses and features introduced during the pandemic.

“This is a unique experience that we’re only introducing for those extra bonuses at Community Day,” said Game Director Michael Steranka.

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“We have no intention of eliminating remote raids for the regular raid tiers – tier one, three, and five – at this time. But we’ve also made no secret that we’re looking at ways for players to get back together in person can play.”

“Our approach will generally be to introduce new functions and features to encourage playing together, rather than discontinuing the long-distance raids that we know players have come to love over the last two years.”

At the same time, Niantic emphasizes that changes introduced during the pandemic were only ever intended as temporary adjustments, although some of them will remain.

“Pokémon Go is still about exploring the world around you,” he says. “Unfortunately, I think the pendulum has swung a bit too far in the direction of having the full Pokémon Go experience from the comfort of your couch. And that’s just not where we want to be as a product.”


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