PS Store: The 18 best mid-year offers for PS4 and PS5 if you don’t want to spend more than 20 euros

PS Store: The 18 best mid-year offers for PS4 and PS5 if you don't want to spend more than 20 euros

Are you looking for hits for your PS4 and PS5 or don’t know what to gamble? You are currently saving a lot of money on many great games in the PS Store. You can get many top hits for PS4 and PS5 for less than 20 euros in the half-year offers.

What is this sale? A new sale has started in the PS Store with the “Mid-Year Sale”. There are lots of games for your Playstation here, which you can now get significantly reduced. These include a number of blockbusters that are really worth watching.

Until when do the offers run? The offers are still available in the PS Store until July 7, 2022. So you have a good 10 days to secure the best offers and expand your library with new games.

The 18 best games from the PS Store Spring Sale

Note: All of the PS4 games on offer can be played on Sony’s latest generation of consoles thanks to the backwards compatibility of the PS5. The calculated discount refers to the regular prices of the PS Store and not to the cheaper offers for PS Plus members.

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Nothing for you? Click here for the entire offer from the PS Store Spring Sale. Here you will find other games as well as DLCs and additional content for your current games:

Check out the PS Store Half Year Sale!

Other recommendations for PS4 and PS5: In addition to the sale, the new PS Plus subscription system for PS4 and PS5 has also started. You can find out which games are included here and which games you can now play for free for a small surcharge in the following article:

PS Plus Extra and Premium are online – All 566 games in the new “Game Pass” on PS4 & PS5