Steam glitch for Summer Sale 2022 causing problems with search quest

Steam glitch for Summer Sale 2022 causing problems with search quest

The Steam Summer Sale 2022 has started, but it starts with server problems. This complicates a special feature that heralded the sale.

This is the Steam Summer Sale: As is now a tradition, the big summer campaign has started on Steam. In the “Summer Sale” there are numerous discounted games that you can now play between 23.06. and 07.07.2022 can secure. Among other things, one of the best strategy games is included in the summer sale.

Many players will now be looking for discounts and want to see what’s in the sale. But that also creates problems.

This is the Summer Sale Disruption: The Steam Store is currently available, but extremely slowly. Content may take a long time to load. In the games subreddit, some players also report that their wish list is currently not available (via reddit). Other players say they can’t log in at all.

It is not yet known how long the problems will last. In the past, however, such difficulties with Steam sales usually subsided shortly after the first rush

This not only disturbs the “shopping spree”, but also a special feature: you can currently complete a kind of search quest at the Steam Summer Sale. So, theoretically.

What is this search quest in the Steam Summer Sale?

This is the quest: If you scroll down the main page of the store, you will also see a retro-looking ad between the games and game categories. She draws attention to herself with a big finger and the phrase “This way for free fun”.

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If you click on it, you will get a message from a “time-travelling con artist” named Clorthax, who claims to have “stolen the 10 best games of the future” and now wants to sell them on Steam. However, he does not want to reveal the names, but rather send you hints on the search for them.

You have to follow a total of 10 clues

Now you can search for the games in different categories. In order to play the game, however, you must have a Steam account and register.

It’s not the first time Steam has created such a “mini-game” for the sale. In 2019, for example, there was a race that not everyone understood.

This is the problem now: Currently, the search can hardly be solved, as it can happen that the contents of the selected categories are not loaded correctly. It will look like that:

For many, Steam loads very slowly or not at all

The clue “Rhythm makes rich and fame has six strings. But the tax can lead to the abyss,” takes you to the music category, but you can’t get any further here if the content doesn’t load correctly.

These issues may be due to servers being too busy due to sales. Once these are solved, the search quest should also be solvable.

What do you think of the Steam Summer Sale and the quest? Do you already have any games in mind? Tell us in the comments!