Steam hit Raft: Playable offline again after always-on controversy

Steam hit Raft: Playable offline again after always-on controversy

from Oliver Jaeger
Now that Raft has been officially released, players discovered that the title can only be played online and then complained to developer Redbeet Interactive. He finally gave in and released a hotfix that made playing offline possible again.

A few days ago, the survival game Raft was officially released. It was previously in Early Access for over four years. With a high number of players and a fantastic rating, Raft from the developer Redbeet Interactive is currently stirring up the Steam distribution platform, but there was also a reason for excitement for some players: In a discussion thread on Steam, they complained that Raft version 1.0 apparently could only be played, as long as you are continuously connected to the internet.

Always-on controversy resolved – hotfix allows offline play again

Redbeet Interactive’s developers responded to player complaints and confirmed the always-on compulsion. Technical problems that occurred as soon as someone played offline were given as the reason for this. To take the steam out of the boiler, on Wednesday Redbeet Interactive released the Hot fix 1.03, which restored offline play in Raft. For this it says:

“However, since we received feedback from the 1.0 version, we decided to allow players to play offline if they really want to. Now when you are offline, a warning message will appear advising you that some features are not work as expected and errors may occur, but it allows you to continue playing instead of locking you out completely.”

In addition, the hotfix also brought some bug fixes that interested parties can read about on Steam. It should be noted that Raft could also be played offline before the release of version 1.0 and the change is said to have only found its way into the new release.

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on Reddit Therefore, users accuse the developer that “technical problems” or a “glitch” are just excuses to justify the always-on feature and not to go into the real reason of the implementation. In any case, after talking to the players, Redbeet Interactive found a solution that should ultimately be satisfactory for everyone.

Source: Steam, Reddit