Stranger Things 4: Who is Vecna?

spoiler alert

The recently at Netflix 4th season that has just started StrangerThings delights the large fan base of the mystery series with dark and chilling storylines that tie directly to the previous seasons.

In view of the coming end of the fifth season, the struggle of the young heroes, especially Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), comes to a head with the Monsters from Upside Down massive to.

While in the earlier seasons, the faceless Demogorgon caused fear and terror in Hawkins, but it is responsible for the kidnapping of Will Byers and the death of Barb, the young heroes must against other monsters and creatures battle. The main opponent and Villain in Season 4 is Vecna! But who is Vecna ​​actually?

The new big villain Vecna ​​in “Stranger Things” is played by the Actor Jamie Campbell Bower portrayed last in the Harry Potter finale The Deathly Hallows as young Gellert Grindelwald was to see. He is also known as Vampire Caiusleader of the Volturi, in the Twilight Saga – the British actor and singer has already decided on the part as an antagonist!

Vecna ​​in Dungeons & Dragons and Stranger Things

First of all, Vecna ​​is a fictional character from the fantasy role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons and is one of the biggest villains. As with the Demogorgon, the heroes of “Stranger Things” have a habit of naming their opponents after the game, as they are big fans of the D&D game, including Vecna.

Vecna ​​in Dungeons & Dragons © Wizards of the Coast

Vecna ​​was a powerful magicianthe the dark magic sought and gradually merged into one immortal creature transformed, one light. Vecna ​​was promoted by his followers deity and is one of the greatest opponents in the D&D universe. Betrayed by his closest subjects, who killed him with a sword, he lives on as an undead. he left two magical artifacts – his hand and be left eyewho are imbued with powerful, dark magic.

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Vecna ​​made his first appearance in Eldritch Wizardry (1976), the third edition of Dungeons and Dragons. In the Netflix series, however, D&D fans in Hawkins are more likely to refer to the then current version from 1986.

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In the hit series Vecna not a normal monster, rather the horribly disfigured creature was once a human itself: Henry Creel – also as Number One 001 known – like Eleven already had as a child telekinetic powers developed and belonged to the experimental research facility of the unscrupulous Dr. Burner (dad). Unlike Eleven, Henry/One felt a hatred of humanitywhich he believed would destroy the natural order of the world.

So he decided at a young age with the annihilation of the peoplestarting with his own family in Creel house.

When he to prototypes from Dr. Brenner, his incredible powers served as a basis for further experiments. So were about Henry’s powers using his DNA to several more children passed on, this also includes eleven. Henry himself was chipped that inhibited his powers, forcing Henry/One to submit.

Vecna ​​in Stranger Things 4 © Netflix

Years later, he managed to escape from the research facility by manipulating the young Eleven’s powers in a targeted manner. After he was able to break the chip thanks to her, began One a massacre in Hawkins Lab to the other test children and staff.

Only Eleven uses her powers against One to stop him and accidentally banished him to a dark parallel dimension: upside down. Here developed Henry/One to the monstrous Vecna with the aim of carrying out his original plan to destroy humanity.

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You can see how Eleven and her comrades-in-arms manage to stand up to Vecna ​​and thwart his sinister plans Season 4 Finale with Part 2 on July 1, 2022 at the streaming provider.

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