Thor: Love and Thunder: “What is the MCU?” – Villain Bale had no idea

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from Philip Sattler
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is growing and growing. With Thor: Love and Thunder, the next part is already in the starting blocks. Also on board: Christian Bale as the villain Gorr the slayer of the gods. The former Batman is new to the MCU and had absolutely no idea what that was supposed to be.

The world of superheroes in cinema is pretty clearly divided into two camps. On the one hand there are the DC films about Batman and Superman and on the other hand there is Marvel with Iron Man and the Avengers. While DC relies more on individual films or trilogies, Marvel has built its own, more or less stringent, universe – the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In short: MCU. This has been expanded for more than a decade with new films and series. The latest installment hits theaters on July 6th: Thor: Love and Thunder.

Also included is an actor who has sort of switched sides – from the DC Universe to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Many superhero fans probably know Christian Bale from Christopher Nolan’s iconic Batman trilogy, in which he embodied the dark avenger. This makes Bale one of the few actors to have starred in both the DC and Marvel movies.

Thor 4 Love and Thunder second trailer features Mighty Tor and Gorr

Christian Bale didn’t know the MCU at all

Christian Bale proves that good actors do not necessarily have to be familiar with other films. Apparently, Bale wasn’t even aware of the big step joining the MCU is. According to his own statement, after his role became known, he was approached several times and asked how much it means to him to be part of the MCU now. However, Bale could not do anything with the MCU and first had to be explained what it actually is.

“I’d read that, and people would go: ‘Oh, look at this! He’s entered the MCU!’ And I’d go: ‘I’ve done what? I haven’t entered s**t, thank you very much.’ I’m like: ‘The MCU?’ I had to ask what that was.”

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