Twitch streamer fails 2,000 times on just one boss in Elden Ring, completely going insane live

Twitch streamer fails 2,000 times on just one boss in Elden Ring, completely going insane live

Twitch streamer Dan Gheesling takes on the hardest boss in the game, Malenia, in Elden Ring. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work so well. After 2,000 game overs, he puts on a show for his viewers and loses his mind live.

It’s no longer a secret that Maleina is probably the toughest boss in Elden Ring. Even the best Souls players in the world cut their teeth on her for hours. Twitch streamer Dan Gheesling takes that a little to the extreme.

Which streamer is it?

  • Dan Gheesling is a Variety streamer and has around 112,000 followers on Twitch.
  • Dan is best known on Twitch for his friendship with popular streamer Northernlion. The two are good friends and often stream together.
  • But Dan Gheesling is also known to American audiences for other reasons. Because Gheesling is considered the best Big Brother participant of all time, has won the internationally renowned reality show once and once came in a close second (via
  • Dan Gheesling is currently streaming the heavyweight action RPG Elden Ring.

After 2,000 deaths against Malenia, the streamer bitches about himself in a ‘crazy’ way

The streamer keeps failing at Miquella’s blade, using a very questionable build. A counter on the screen records for him and his viewers how many deaths he has since died with her. As that number hits the 2,000 mark, Gheesling puts on a show for its viewers. It seems like her streamer and the reality TV star have completely lost their minds live.

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So this clip is also simply titled “Streamer goes insane”:

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What do you see in the clip? With recorded ‘versions’ of himself, he plays ‘critical voices’ who insult him live. Using disguised voices, he mimics his chat’s criticism of his playstyle, build, and choices.

Here’s what these toxic personalities say:

  • “It’s impossible to defeat them without a better Power attribute.”
  • “You won’t be able to defeat them without dual wielding. Can you dual wield, please?”
  • “Yeah, there’s no chance you’ll beat them before the Cuphead DLC. You will still be attached to her in 2023. You have no chance of ever defeating them.”
  • “You will never defeat them. Why do you always let yourself be met? Just don’t let them hit you.”

As more and more ‘clones’ from the streamer fill the screen, the number 2,000 grows on the screen.

“He makes fun of the comments, but they’re right too”

What are the viewers saying? on reddit the users find this action hilarious and call it the “healthiest possible reaction to 2,000 deaths against Malenia”.

Reddit user Notsldog comments: “Dan is the most positive streamer I’ve seen in a long time. It’s so much fun to watch.”

However, when criticizing his build, most people agree:

  • “I immediately thought the chat was overly obnoxious, which it sure was, but damn it, with his build, this fight is going to be almost impossible.”
  • “He’s poking fun at the comments, but they’re right too, so… what to do?”
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The fact that Dan Gheesling has so little HP is also due to a defiant reaction. His chat would have annoyed him so much in the early game that he should level his power attribute that he doesn’t want to put any points into it on principle (via reddit).

Here’s a look at who were the first successful streamers on Twitch:

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Now he’s got the mess that he’s still attached to the boss. But at least this is obviously good content: Dan Gheesling is currently live and has 2,203 viewers (as of June 23, 2022, 5:35 p.m.). He still hasn’t defeated Malenia, has now reached over 2,100 attempts. The reality TV star can also entertain well on Twitch.

Maybe he’ll soon learn a really strong trick to easily counter Malenia’s meanest attack:

In Elden Ring, players will now throw pitchers to counter the meanest boss