WoW: There were already 151 nerfs in the Mausoleum of the First – only in mythical mode!

Honor the flames on the longest day of the year as part of WoW's Midsummer Festival.

You could set your clock by it for weeks. If you got up in the morning and looked at the official WoW forum, you would almost certainly find a new entry about a boss nerf in the Mausoleum of the First. Some bosses were nerfed infrequently but heavily, while others were nerfed often and in small increments. Still other bosses only had to accept nerfs in certain difficulty levels. But even the players who didn’t deal with it that much realized one day that something wasn’t going right.

We have already talked in various columns about why we are not big fans of the permanent nerfs and how this could have been solved differently – but it is the way it is. Blizzard has decided to look every day at which points the guilds are currently failing and to nerf the bosses in a targeted manner, instead of weakening them across the board in the form of a debuff or the like.

So we’ve all known for a long time that the Mausoleum of the First received an insane amount of nerfs – but how many exactly? Apparently not only we asked ourselves this question, but also the employees of the English-speaking WoWHead page (buy now ). The result was a list of nerfs that is longer than the patch notes for an entire expansion.

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