Creators of Lost Ark tests new PvE MMORPG with open class system – Should also come to us

Creators of Lost Ark tests new PvE MMORPG with open class system - Should also come to us

Smilegate is currently working with indie developer Teeny Studio on a new MMORPG. It’s called TeeTiny Online – Tower of Despair and it’s now launching into a closed beta that will run until July 7th, 2022. You can play the MMORPG on PC or mobile.

What kind of game is this? The MMORPG focuses on PvE and lets you climb two different towers. First you are in the Goddess Tower, with a higher level then in the more difficult Tower of Trials.

TeeTiny Online relies on an open class system, similar to Final Fantasy XIV. Depending on which weapon you have equipped, your class changes and you can adapt your battle strategy.

Otherwise the game offers:

  • A guardian spirit that acts as your companion and aids you in battle.
  • Housing, even with a garden
  • Boss fights tailored to your group

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“We don’t create anything on blockbuster scale”

Connecting players from all over the world is important to the Korean development team. That’s why there are no regional servers by continents, but a global one. To overcome language barriers, the chat is automatically translated.

The development team says: Their mission is that users worldwide play together and are not separated from each other.

It seems less important to the developers of Teeny Studio to create the next MMORPG hit. On their website they write: “We don’t do anything by blockbuster standards. We are developing a unique concept of a relaxed global RPG.”

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When is the game coming to us? Due to the concept, the closed beta is also available in the West. Via Stove you can register for it. Alternatively, the mobile version of the game can be downloaded from Google Play.

For whom is the download worthwhile? For fans of colorful graphics who are looking for a not too complex MMORPG, TeeTiny is definitely worth it. Also, the automatic chat translation is certainly exciting, but you should be patient with the communication and expect things to be translated incorrectly and very funny.

What do you think of TeeTiny Online? What do you think of the developer studio’s idea of ​​making a global server with automatic chat translation? Will it work? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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