Defeating Tristan the Vampire Hunter in V Rising – tips and tricks

Who in the survival adventure V Rising to the mighty vampire lord or to the powerful vampire lady wants to become, must slurp a lot of blood, collect a lot of resources and strong opponents, so-called V Bloods subdue. One of them goes by the name Tristan the vampire hunter and is by its character a really tough chunk.

This professional assassin of the pointed-toothed undead is probably the one heaviest enemy in the starting area and one of the most challenging V Bloods you must face on your rise to true power. In this Guide we’ll tell you where to find Tristan and how to defeat the boss.

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V Rising: How to find Tristan the Vampire Hunter

Most of the bosses in V Rising are in a fixed location, making them easy to find, but Tristan isn’t one of them. The vampire hunter patrols the Farbane Woods and attacks every vampire he sees. What him for newcomers makes a real problem that you best extensively around.

But sooner or later you have to face it mortal enemy of vampires after all, you don’t need such competition near your castle. In addition, it is worth defeating the V Blood, because after his death you will receive the blood hunger and the Recipe for the Improved Blood Essenceher for a Immaculate Heart required.

Blood hunger is one vampire powerwhich allows you to without further ado the blood type and quality from nearby targets, saving you some time and effort. The Improved Blood Essence is just like the smaller representative energy sourcewhich is distilled from blood to power your castle.

You’ll have to find the vampire hunter first, of course, but before you start looking, make sure you’re at least roughly level 46 are, because before this V Blood is almost invincible and even if you meet him at eye level, you can still expect a hard fight.

The boss wanders into the Farbane Woods in the street around and never stays in one place. As a result, it’s usually more likely that you’ll accidentally bump into him rather than find him when you’re looking for him. You usually have a good chance of meeting them in the eastern part of the forestbut there is a much more accurate way to find Tristan.

Used the location mechanic of the blood altarto pick up the boss’s trail and hunt him down. But be careful, because if you make eye contact, this vampire hunter will immediately start the fight with you. And unfortunately for you, Tristan can lose your life points reduce in secondswhich requires a lot of healing potions and good strategy in combat.

V Rising: How to defeat the V Blood Tristan the vampire hunter
Tristan is a powerful vampire. But with this trick you can defeat him. ©Stunlock Studios.

Defeat Tristan the vampire hunter, a sensible strategy

How can I safely defeat Tristan? As soon as you in V Rising started the fight with Tristan, you should kill the cutter of dead necks get off the street, as patrolling humans will come to his aid, which may tip the scales in this argument. Better fight the vampire hunter off the beaten track and paths where it remains a duel.

Depending on the area you are in, you can also get close to monsters such as Attract rock golems and make them attack your common enemy. If he is then busy with the being, you can use your crossbow and dish out some damage from afar.

The strategy with the mount: Another tactic that has proven effective in combat is to get on the horseto gallop and Tristan with a spear while riding past to attack. Tristan rarely manages to respond appropriately to this attack, and you can use this approach if successful repeat as often as you like.

Should you bet on this strategy on horseback, make sure you are on a broad open field because trees and rocks hinder you in the storm attack and as soon as you get stuck somewhere, you are the vampire hunter for Tristan a found food. So pay attention to your surroundings in battle.

Either way, before you fight Tristan, you should make sure you have enough defense against fire have with you since this V Blood off V Rising likes to use hotter attacks. Also, you should have a whole Truckload of health potions take it with you, after all, Tristan deals high damage and extra damage over timewhich can get you into trouble.

Since Tristan almost continuously on a Combination of fire attacks with the sword and his crossbow sets, it is advisable for players who do not yet have a perfect command of their character to at a distance to stay. This is especially important when the vampire hunter of his bombs makes use of that area damage cause.

The rest of the fight basically just consists of the right timing, because you can use both the attacks with the sword and the ranged attacks with evasive steps to the side escape. However, if the V Blood Tristan uses bombs, it will sprint right through him. But you also need a good feel for the right distance to the opponent.

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Important: Considering that this boss fight in “V Rising” can last for a while, the duel starts at best at duskso you don’t suddenly fight in the sunlight must and flits from shadow to shadow.

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