Diablo Immortal: This is how you create a perfect spell and earn platinum along the way

Diablo Immortal: This is how you create a perfect spell and earn platinum along the way

In Diablo Immortal, there are spells that you can equip to strengthen your hero. We’ll show you how to create a perfect spell and still earn up to 2,500 platinum.

What are spells? Spells are a piece of gear in Diablo Immortal that you can equip in your inventory above your chest armor. They increase the abilities of your class by percentage and give you a bonus to their damage.

Spells can only be equipped and refined at level 56. Before that, you can only look at them in your inventory and move them to your loot box if you have them.

This is what spells look like – they contain many random bonuses

In Diablo Immortal, however, it is not directly explained how to effectively get good spells, improve them and even win platinum from them. That’s why we show you everything you need to know about it.

Everything you need to know about magic: location and upgrade

How do I get spells? Spells are obtained by completing bounties, looting them, or purchasing them from the Hilt vendor in Westmarch.

You can purchase three copies a week from him for 100 Hilt each. With luck, there are also more when spells appear in the limited-time offers.

Note that bonuses on spells purchased or earned are always random.

To accumulate Hilt for your purchases, you must either complete Codex Challenge, complete daily quests, or progress in the Battle Pass.

Diablo Immortal Magic Hilt Vendor
The simple spells can be found at the Hilt dealer under the “General” section

How do I refine spells? After accumulating a few spells, you can go to a spell maker. The craftsman “Vas” in Westmarch is suitable for this. Talk to him to upgrade a spell.

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It is best to choose a spell that already has a bonus for your class.

However, you can only improve spells and increase its level if you have enough alchemy powder available. You get the alchemy powder by recycling spells in your inventory.

Here, too, luck must be with you, because with each further improvement of your spell you will receive random bonuses on your piece of equipment. So you can’t target your spell at the bonuses you need for your class.

How do I create a perfect spell? To perfect your spell, you can craft skill stones or buy them for platinum on the market.

These stones are obtained by extracting rank 5 spells. Again, the skill stones can only be used on rank 5 spells.

By extracting, the stone retains the spell’s bonuses and can be used to swap out an effect of your favorite spell. To do this, you must enrich the rank 5 spell at the spellmaker. To do this, select your spell and then the skill stone that is to be used.

Finally, you must choose which bonus on your spell to swap out. Here, too, you need luck. The system itself decides which of the skill stone’s five bonuses is transferred to the spell. The value of the bonus can range from 2% up to 10%.

Once the procedure is complete, the skill stone is destroyed. You can decide beforehand whether you want to swap in the new attribute or keep the old one. In any case, the stone will be destroyed.

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So you can specifically try to socket the bonuses on your equipment that you are after for your class.

How can I still earn platinum? To earn good platinum while doing so, you can sell skill stones on the market for platinum. Stones that you don’t need can be used by other players for their classes.

So put them on the market, set a price and wait for a buyer full of platinum to purchase your stone. Compare the prices for skill stones beforehand on your server. The more skills of a certain class are combined on the spell, the more valuable the part is.