Fortnite instead of football: Mesut Özil soon to be an eSports professional?

Fortnite instead of football: Mesut Özil soon to be an eSports professional?

Mesut Özil has been enthusiastic about Fortnite for a long time, which is why he even founded his own organization. Now there is speculation about a possible eSports career for Özil.

Istanbul, Turkey – Fortnite has banned a lot of fans from their consoles or PCs, including footballer Mesut Özil for a long time. He should even be really good at it, as his manager now reports. After his contract with his current club Fenerbahçe Istanbul expired, Mesut Özil would like to become more active in eSports. He will probably concentrate on the Fortnite Battle Royale.

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Initial release July 21, 2017
platforms PlayStation, XBox, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, macOS, Microsoft Windows
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Fortnite: Mesut Özil on the way to becoming an eSports professional

Fortnite as an integral part of his life. Mesut Özil has played for many football clubs throughout his career. He was on the field for Werder Bremen, Real Madrid and FC Arsenal London, among others. He has been under contract with the Turkish league club Fenerbahçe Istanbul since 2021. But his manager now revealed in an interview with “The Telegraph” that Mesut Özil is aiming for a career in e-sports after his active time as a footballer. The ex-national player should have a knack for Fortnite in particular. He also streams some of his sessions on Twitch.

Mesut Özil soon new Fortnite professional

© Epic Games/IMAGO/Seskim Photo (Montage)

In 2018 he founded his own eSports organization “M10”. With M10 he is looking for young talents and tries to train them to become the next eSports greats with the help of a professional team. The focus is on the two games Fortnite and Fifa22. In Fifa, the German DFB team had recently qualified for the Nations Cup. Mesut Özil’s eSports teams have included players like:

  • Nyhrox
  • karma no
  • Florixxn
  • Harmii
  • GreyFox
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However, his football fans often saw his passion for Fortnite as a problem. Mesut Özil was accused of having a back injury in 2020 that came from playing video games in a bad posture. However, these allegations do not seem to particularly interest the professional footballer. As his manager revealed, Mesut Özil would like to concentrate even more on the eSports sector in the future.

Fortnite professional faster than expected – Mesut Özil soon in eSports?

Soon only on the controller? Mesut Özil was suspended by his club Fenerbahçe Istanbul in March, exact reasons were not given. But Ozil is understood to be ruled out of the club’s next games over a vocal complaint to his coach. But the forced downtime could buy him more time for Fortnite, which just got new skins available again.

Since the suspension, rumors have been piling up about a possible end to Özil’s career. Not least because he unfollowed his club on Instagram. But two days ago he published a statement on his official Instagram profile. In this he addressed his fans and explained that he would not part with Fenerbahçe Istanbul. Since his contract runs until 2024, his new career as an eSports professional will probably be put on hold by then. Privately, however, he will definitely reach for the controller more often and play a round of Fortnite.

Rubric list image: © Epic Games/IMAGO/Seskim Photo (Montage)