In Pokémon Go there is a big wave of bans against cheaters

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from Susan Brown
The developers of Pokémon Go announce in the Niantic blog a large wave of bans against cheaters, who were particularly negative at the recent events in Pokémon Go. Is it finally getting to the bottom of the many spoofers?

The developers of Pokémon Go, Ingress, Pikmin Bloom, and Peridot have provided an update on their anti-cheat efforts on the Niantic Blog. They don’t go into much detail, but above all they announce a wave of bans in Pokémon Go. The target is players who have been negatively noticed mainly in recent events in the pocket monster collecting game.

the People at Niantic put it like this: “We will step up action to address this behavior across all our games and implement our enhanced anti-cheating approach. We are now beginning to take action against a number of accounts where we found violations of our Terms of Service or Player Policies during recent events in Pokémon Go have noticed.” According to the developers, it is now more reliable and faster to locate and take action on players who violate the rules and guidelines.

Are the Pokémon Go spoofers getting their hands on it?

So-called spoofers are a particular thorn in the side of the Pokémon Go community. Using dishonest means, the spoofers trick themselves into places where they are not actually located and gain advantages in this way. Niantic does not specify whether action is taken against spoofers in particular. However, new and more advanced cheat detection technologies will be used not only in Pokémon Go, but in all Niantic games in the near future.

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