Is the iPad waterproof? We have the answer

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Apple advertises its iPhones as waterproof. But what about the iPad? We clarify whether the iPad is waterproof.

By Sebastian Weber

Apple cell phones have an IP68 rating. According to the manufacturer, this means that they can withstand up to 30 minutes in clear water without being damaged – and at a depth of up to six meters. Can the iPad keep up?

Is the iPad waterproof?

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iPhones have been waterproof for a few generations, but the iPad has not.

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The short and painless answer: No, iPads are not waterproof.

But that doesn’t mean that the devices will be damaged immediately if they get splashed with water. A few drops on the display are unproblematic – you can simply wipe them away.

There is only a risk that the iPad will be damaged if the connection sockets, the loudspeakers or the fan come into contact with water.

What to do if iPad gets wet

If your iPad got wet, you might still be able to save it. Switch off the device immediately to prevent the electronics from giving up the ghost due to a short circuit.

You should then dry your iPad as best as possible. You absorb external moisture with a cloth or towel. Then you put the tablet in uncooked rice, for example, so that it is completely covered. The uncooked rice absorbs moisture. This can help dry the iPad inside.

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If you quickly put your iPad in rice after coming into contact with water, you might be able to save it.

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Silica gel, also known as silica gel, is even more effective than rice. You can often find it in smaller or larger packages that come with smartphones and other electronic devices. Silica gel is highly hygroscopic, i.e. it attracts water. It can absorb moisture even better than uncooked rice.

Leave the iPad in the rice or silica gel for a few days before turning it back on. If you switch on the tablet too early, short circuits can occur due to residual moisture inside. Also check whether grains of rice or silica beads have become stuck or jammed in the connection sockets of the iPad. If so, remove it carefully (without sharp metal tools).

Your iPad can no longer be switched on after drying or does it not work properly? Visit an Apple Retail Store or certified retailer. The experts can tell you if your iPad can still be repaired.

This is how you protect your iPad from water and moisture

Since your iPad is not waterproof, you should be careful and protect the device. There is a simple trick for this in everyday life.

For example, if you use your iPad in the kitchen to read recipes while cooking, a large freezer bag will help. Simply put your iPad in the pouch and close it. It is best to use a bag with a zip lock closure. The device is well protected against all kinds of splashes.

Of course, you can no longer operate the display or the home button. So make sure the screen doesn’t turn itself off so you can see your recipe at all times. If you want to do other things with your iPad while it’s in the freezer bag, you can use voice commands to Siri, for example.

The freezer bag is usually sufficient to protect your iPad in a rain shower or from other splashes of water. But be careful: Check the freezer bag you use regularly for damage. If it’s punctured, replace it.

If your iPad falls into the water or gets a big splash, a zip-lock bag won’t help either. In this case it means: switch off quickly, dry and hope for the best.

To make your iPad really waterproof, you can use special cases for the device. There are some protective cases for iPads that, like the iPhone, have an IP68 rating. You should pay attention to this classification when buying, because only then can you be sure that the case is actually waterproof.


  • Unlike iPhones, iPads are not waterproof and are therefore susceptible to damage from water and moisture.
  • If your iPad got wet, turn it off immediately and place it in rice or silica gel to dry.
  • A freezer bag with a zip-lock closure is cheap protection against splashing water, but does not make the iPad completely waterproof.
  • Special waterproof cases are available from specialist retailers. Look for an IP68 rating.

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