Mass Effect 5: Community solves big mystery

Mass Effect 5: Community solves big mystery

Mass Effect 5 is on everyone’s lips. Since the publication of the Teaser trailers and des posters the community speculates what BioWare presented to us with the teasers. Because that’s a lot in detail. The poster in particular invites you to ponder. But now almost all secrets seem to be open.

If you’d like to enjoy the beautiful trailer for The Next Mass Effect again, we’ve included it here.

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Mass Effect 5 – Where is Liara in the trailer?

In a scene of the trailer we see Liara T’Soni, making her the first character to make a comeback in the next Mass Effect. She wipes the dust off Commander Shepards armor off. And what does that mean? It has not yet been conclusively clarified that Shepard is returning, even if it is the first signs of this goodbye

But one question has not left the community in peace to this day. And that’s the question about that Planet where Liara is located.

Which planet is shown in the trailer? The solution to the riddle leads us past two reaperswho lie dead on the planet. Besides, it’s a snowy ice planet, as it appears. And this planet has three moons.

Mr. Hulthen (via YouTube) has recognized this extremely important detail and with these hints we can now come to the final result. It could be the planet Alchera act.

Alchera is the planet where the first Normandy crash-landed is. And that’s important. Because for this reason the N7 armor lying. We are already visiting the planet in Mass Effect 2 and, among other things, come across the Commander Shepard’s helmet.

In fact, it can’t be any other planet, because Alchera has three moons and is snowy. And only here we find the parts of Shepard’s armor. So it stands to reason that big mystery solved for now is.

Among other things, speaks against the fact that the Helmet not with the N7 logo decorated when Shepard went down with the Normandy. So it can’t really be this one helmet. In other words, Liara cannot have found the part of the helmet said to have been used in the crash.

But who knows what the developers at BioWare will pull out of a hat and maybe they will come up with a different explanation? Or they simply forgot this small but not unimportant detail? It would be possible.

What do you all mean? And are you looking forward to the next Mass Effect or are you still busy with it Mass Effect Legendary Editionwhich we would like to warmly recommend to you!

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