Pokémon GO is now also available as trading cards – these top monsters are included

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Pokémon GO and the Pokémon Trading Card Game start a crossover. It’s been running ingame since mid-June. The new GO set will be released in TCG at the beginning of July.

San Francisco – Attention Pokémon lovers: On July 1st the new set of the Pokémon trading card game will be released. The topic in the latest issue of the TCG? Pokemon GO. The popular mobile game and the trading card game are starting a crossover event. On the one hand, there are special tasks to do in Pokémon GO – among other things, there’s a new Pikachu again. On the other hand, the latest set of Pokémon TCG offers you Pokémon GO-style trading cards. We present you the best cards of it.

name of the game Pokemon GO
Release (date of first publication) July 06, 2016
Publishers niantic
series Pokemon
platforms Android, iOS
developer niantic
genre Augmented reality, mobile

Pokémon GO Crossover Event – New Pokémon trading cards in the style of the game

These cards are in the Pokémon Set: The latest set of the Pokémon trading card game contains 88 cards – there are also several promos in different products. Of the 88 cards, ten are Secret Rares. The special thing about the new Pokémon set: The cards are based on the game Pokémon GO. Means: You can soon have your favorite Pokémon from Pokémon GO as trading cards. The new TCG set will mainly feature the Pokémon Mewtwo – it will appear in different forms.

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This is also included: Not only Mewtwo will appear particularly often in the Pokémon GO TCG set. All Kanto starters are also included:

  • Bulbasaur, Bisaknosp and Bisaflor
  • Charmander, Glutexo and Charizard
  • Squirtle, Schillok and Turtok

The three end developments are even available in radiant form. Radiant Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur will be among the top cards of the entire set. As in so many Pokémon sets, Charizard is particularly valuable. YouTuber Logan Paul owns a Base Set Charizard card that he says is worth around $1 million.

These products are available in Germany: The Pokémon GO trading card game will officially be released in Germany on July 1, 2022. The Japanese version was already released on June 17th. Like all special sets of the Pokémon TCG, there are no displays available for purchase in the new set either. Instead, the booster packs are available in ETB’s, various boxes and tins. The most popular product is usually the Elite Trainer Box. This includes ten Pokémon GO booster packs and a special Mewtwo V promo card. You can find an overview of all products here. Some tins will not be released until mid-July or August.

Pokémon GO meets the Trading Card Game – Some new events started in the game

Here’s what’s in Pokemon GO: There’s some news not only in the Pokémon TCG. Various challenges can also be overcome in Pokémon GO thanks to the crossover event. You can find an overview of the Collector’s Challenges here. Among other things, a special Pikachu with a TCG cap can be caught from June 16th to 30th. It is also possible to fight Mewtwo in 5-Star Raids. Unfortunately, the Pokémon GO Community Day in June has nothing to do with the trading card game – but you can catch Kapuno, one of the rarest Shinys.

Pokémon GO is now available as trading cards – with Pikachu, Charizard and Mewtwo.

© The Pokémon Company (montage)

Also interesting – special event with Ditto: Two more Pokémon are making their Pokémon GO debut. From now on you can catch rip louse and develop it into Tectass with a whopping 400 candies. Ditto also shows up again in Pokémon GO, but not at first glance. It disguises itself as a Webarak, Camaub, or Bidiza. The crazy thing: You can also find Ditto in the trading card game. Here it is camouflaged as well. If there is a Ditto on the bottom left of your card, you can simply peel off the front part of the card – Ditto is hiding behind it.

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Rubric list image: © The Pokémon Company (montage)