Pokémon GO: New Find Gets Trainers Excited – Reveals 3 Legendary Galar Pokémon

Pokémon GO: New Find Gets Trainers Excited - Reveals 3 Legendary Galar Pokémon

Clues to three new Legendary Pokémon have been found in Pokémon GO, giving Trainers much anticipation. We at MeinMMO have looked at what exactly these finds are and show you the reactions of the community.

What are the finds? After there were hints about new Pokémon of the 8th game generation and a new special ball just a few days ago, the Pokéminers have made another interesting discovery.

This indicates that there will soon be more new Pokémon from the 8th generation in the game. We have summarized below what these are likely to be.

Who are the Pokeminers?
The Pokéminers are a group of dataminers. They periodically scan the Pokémon GO game code in an attempt to find new upcoming content and changes. They then make this data publicly available to other players.

The predictions of the Pokéminers have been relatively certain in the past and many things have actually been implemented in the game. However, this type of data is not official information, which is why Niantic can still adapt and change this content or even decide not to release it.

These are the finds for the legendary Galar Pokémon

As martycochrane points out in his recent reddit post, the Pokéminers have made a new discovery in the game code. In addition to the image material for the three new ultra beasts and the relaxo with a cowboy hat, which are making their debut at the live events surrounding the GO Fest, three other images were discovered.

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As you can see in the graphic below, these are the legendary Galar Pokémon Articuno, Zapdos, and Lavados.

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What are these Pokemon? Arktos, Zapdos, and Lavados are the legendary birds from the Kanto region. With the introduction of the 8th generation of games, all three monsters have received an additional Galar form.

Externally, the difference is easy to spot. Zapdos in particular has much more puffed up plumage in his Galar form than in his Kanto form. In addition, their bodies are also colored differently in the Galar region. For comparison, we have embedded an image of the three legendary birds from the Kanto region below:

Lavados, Zapdos and Arktos

However, the Galar monsters differ not only in appearance from the birds of the Kanto region, but also in their types:

Pokemon Kanto shape Galar form
arctic Ice
Zapdos electric
Lavados Fire

“Hopefully they will be released soon”

The trainers in the reddit community are excited about these finds. They’re looking forward to finally catching the three legendary Galar Pokémon and are already wondering when the monsters might appear in the game (via reddit.com):

  • Dracarys1988: “I love all 3 Galar birds. Hopefully they will be released soon”
  • ekromFPS: “Perhaps the Legendary Galar Birds will be the most important hyper bonus unlocked after each GO Fest.”
  • repo_sado: “Maybe just part of the hyperbonus. The first Hyper Bonus was far better than the release of a new Legendary.”
  • edwinodresseiron: “The Shinys of the Galar Birds have the colors of their Kanto counterparts? That’s cool, I didn’t know that! Also, roughly how heavy will Galarian Lavados be? I need a bunch of XL Candy for my Shiny Lavados so I’ve been waiting for them to respawn in Raids either way”
  • orhan94: “Lavados and Arktos will be more difficult as they both lose a double weakness. Zapdos might be easier since the top psycho attacker is much stronger offensively than the top rock or ice attackers I think.”
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Is a timely release conceivable? In principle, it would be conceivable that the Galar forms of Arktos, Zapdos and Lavados are actually part of the Hyperboni. In recent years, these bonuses could be earned as part of the global GO Fest and ultimately also gave you encounters with new legendary Pokémon.

In 2021 Zacian and Zamazenta celebrated their debut in this context. However, the hyper bonus was changed in 2022 and you can now earn it piece by piece at the various events surrounding the GO Fest in order to upgrade subsequent events. What exactly awaits you as a reward is not yet known.

After reaching the hyperbonus for the GO Fest in Berlin, the upcoming birthday event will be upgraded. A release of the legendary Pokémon for the GO Fest final event on August 27th would also be possible.

Whether and when the time will actually come and you can finally catch the legendary Galar birds remains to be seen for the time being. If there is any new information about this, you will find out here on MeinMMO.

What do you think of the finds for the 3 legendary Galar birds? Are you hoping that Arktos, Zapdos, and Lavados will be coming to the game in this form soon? Or would you like other Pokémon for a release first? Feel free to write us your opinion here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other trainers.

Those who take part in the live events at the GO Fest can look forward to another special feature. Content creators such as game trends and trainer tips come to the GO Fest in Berlin. We took a look at when you can meet them.

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