GOG: Big Summer Sale until June 27th, 2022 // Virtuaverse for free – News

GOG: Big Summer Sale // Cyberpunk, Disco Elysium & more reduced - News


The big summer sale of the year is running at GOG. We have collected interesting offers for you. By shopping through our referral links, you support GG at no additional cost.

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Update from 25.7.2022 – 11:20 a.m
With virtualverse the last free title is now available in the summer sale on GOG, which ends on June 27, 2022. In the point-and-click adventure with a cyberpunk setting, you play as smuggler Nathan in search of your missing roommate, AVR graffiti artist Jay. A quote from the store description: “On his journey around the world he must pass through hardware cemeteries, confront digital archaeology, tribes of cryptoshamans and debauchery in virtual reality.” To collect the title you have to go to the Virtuaverse store page walk. By redeeming, you agree to receive promotional newsletters from GOG.

Update from 6/20/2022 – 3:32 p.m
The new giveaway game in the GOG sale is here. You can watch the classic until June 23 at 3 p.m flashback bag for free – if you agree to receive promotional newsletters. In addition, numerous new and classic titles are available at reasonable prices until June 27, 2022. underneath Jagged Alliance (in Jörgspielt) and Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen (the extended version of the RPG by Capcom)its successor Dragon’s Dogma 2 recently announced.

Original news from 15.6.2022:
The game shop GOG is running a big summer sale until June 27, 2022. There will also be free games, such as the current Jump-and-Run Shantae and The Pirate’s Curse. Also will about the insomnia campaign every 6 hours a new flash sale with limited quantities started.

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Thousands of titles are available at reduced prices. Matching the start of the campaign, some Sega titles are freshly added to the catalogue. made the start Alien isolation (under test), will be soon Two Point Hospital (under review) and the Anniversary Edition of Warhammer 40,000 – Space Marines (in the test) follow. The more recent discounted titles include the tactical RPG hit Expeditions – Rome (in the test, grade 9.0) and the indie hit encryption.

Numerous games from German developers are also reduced, such as the mercenary tactics that are well known to our community Battle Brothers, We Are Football (in the test, patch 10 note 7.0) by Gerald Koehleroften associated with the classic fallout compared Death Trash (in check) or cloudpunk including extension City of Ghosts (in check).

Here you will find an overview with a selection of interesting offers. These are all GG partner links – so you can support GamersGlobal with your GOG purchase at no additional cost to you.

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