Pokémon GO: All events in June – Now Community Day with Kapuno and Shinys

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June is packed with events in Pokémon GO. There are four events in particular that you should not miss. Now you can catch Kapuno as Shiny on Community Day.

San Francisco – June promises a lot in Pokémon GO! Niantic has announced the events for the coming month and they have it all. Really strong raid bosses, the big GO festival and interesting events await you. But what is particularly worthwhile? We give you an overview of the events and tell you which events you should not miss in June in Pokémon GO.

name of the game Pokemon GO
Release (date of first publication) July 06, 2016
Publishers niantic
series Pokemon
platforms Android, iOS
developer niantic
genre Augmented reality, mobile

Pokémon GO: Events in June 2022 at a glance:

There are these events: First of all, we list all the events that will take place in June 2022. Featuring spotlight hours again, raid boss changes, and this month’s GO Fest. These are all events at a glance:

date events
June 1st to September 1st Season of GO
June 1st to July 1st Research breakthrough with a click
June 1st to June 7th Level 5 Raids with Kyogre and Mega Raids with Mega Steelix
June 1st to June 8th Super League and Super League Remix in PvP League
June 1st Raid hour with Kyogre
June 4th and June 5th Pokemon GO Fest 2022
June 7th to June 12th Adventure week with Rock and Fossil Pokémon
June 7th to June 16th Level 5 Raids with Groudon and Mega Raids with Mega Aerodactyl
June 7th Spotlight hour with Nasgnet
8th June Raid Hour with Groudon
June 8th to June 22nd Hyper League and Catch Cup in PvP League
14th June Spotlight hour with Mantax
15th June Raid Hour with Groudon
June 15th to June 22nd Master League and Fossil Cup in PvP League
June 16th to June 23rd Level 5 Raids featuring Mewtwo with Spook Ball and Mega Raids featuring Mega Venusaur
June 16th to June 30th Crossover event with Pokémon TCG
18th of June GO battle day in PvP league
June 21st Limelight hour with Webarak
June 22 Raid Hour with Mewtwo and the Spook Ball attack
June 22nd to June 29th Super League and Retro Cup in PvP League
June 23rd to July 1st Level 5 Raids featuring Mewtwo with Psychic Strike and Mega Raids featuring Mega Turbocharger
25th June Community Day with Kapuno
June 28th Spotlight Hour with a previously unknown Pokémon
June 29th Raid hour with Mewtwo and the attack Psychic Strike
June 29th to July 6th Hyper League and Kanto Cup in PvP League
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These are the major events at a glance: The biggest event this month is of course the Pokémon GO Fest 2022 at the beginning of the month. There’s also Adventure Week and the Crossover Event for the Trading Card Game. We already know the adventure week from the last few years. There were always massive XP bonuses for spinning new PokéStops. So it’s worth it if you’re traveling to a new city where you’ve never played Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO: These events in June 2022 are particularly worthwhile

You should not miss that: First of all, the big Pokémon GO Fest should be mentioned here. It is the highlight for the trainers in Pokémon GO every year. You have the chance to get loads of Shinys and rare Pokémon. Even without buying a ticket you should be there.

But the adventure week could also be exciting again this year. In recent years, particularly rare Pokémon have appeared at this event, which were otherwise difficult to catch. These include, above all, the fossil Pokémon, which can appear almost without exception as Shiny. In addition, there are usually blatant XP bonuses for the adventure week.

Pokémon GO: All events in June 2022 – These 4 are particularly worthwhile.

© Niantic (Montage)

In addition, almost all legendary raid bosses are worthwhile this month. Kyogre is one of the best water attackers, Groudon is one of the best ground-types, and Mewtwo is generally the best Pokemon in the game. The attacks Spook Ball and Psy Blast are extremely strong and you should definitely not miss Psy Blast.

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Finally, all the limelight hours are worth it. While Nasgnet, Mantax, and Weberak aren’t particularly strong, they can all be Shiny and rarely appear outside of Event. If you are still missing a shiny here, the hours are definitely worth it.

The Community Day with Kapuno on June 25, 2022 is also worthwhile. Here trainers have the chance to catch the very rare Shiny. The Kapuno event starts at 11:00 a.m. and ends at 2:00 p.m.

The new season “Season of GO” also starts on June 1st. This also changes a lot in the game. More details can be found here: Pokémon GO: Season of GO Season – Everything about events, bonuses and spawns

Rubric list image: © Niantic