iPhone 14 Pro: More evidence of always-on display

iPhone 14 Pro: More evidence of always-on display

from Julius Bald
According to the latest rumors, speculation about the always-on display of the new iPhone 14 Pro could be confirmed. This is based on information from a Bloomberg journalist. With the new feature, certain widgets under iOS 16 can be displayed to save battery.

One thing is now certain: hardware and software manufacturer Apple will again be presenting a new iPhone series this year. It is currently speculated that the presentation on September 13, 2022 will be held. Here Apple should then present both the iPhone 14 and the already known Pro and Max versions. The Pro models in particular usually have interesting features. The iPhone 14 Pro should also be no exception.

iPhone 14 Pro: always-on display with widgets from iOS 16

As we already reported, rumors have been circulating for a while that Apple could integrate an always-on display for the iPhone 14 Pro. This should make it possible to show the user certain elements, such as the time and date, without having a significant impact on the battery life. Now, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has brought those rumors back into play. He assumes that the iPhone 14 Pro will display certain widgets on iOS 16 on this always-on display.

Among them should be options for displaying unread messages, the weather, stocks and planned activities. The exact data should of course be adjustable. Apple is said to use reduced brightness and a greatly minimized refresh rate for the always-on display. In this mode, the iPhone 14 Pro should be able to shut down to up to 1 Hertz. The device is in no way inferior to the current technology of the Apple Watch, which should have a positive effect on the battery life.

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Source: Bloomberg