After Daniel Craig: Next James Bond Movie Will Change Everything

After Daniel Craig: Next James Bond Movie Will Change Everything

At the September 30, 2021 appeared with James Bond: No Time to Die the Last Agent movie with Daniel Craig as 007. The actor touched his film crew with an emotional farewell speech, thanking everyone who has accompanied him through the five films and fifteen years in his role as James Bond.

But the figure of James Bond doesn’t give up her job just yet and of course new films about the British agent will be released in the future. The most burning questions now are: Who is allowed to enter the next? role of Bond Hatch? And when honored 007 the cinema screen again?

When is the next James Bond coming and who will play the agent?

In an interview with the film magazine deadline managed James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli not necessarily clear, but gave a few answers nonetheless. Despite fierce internet discussions, it is not yet certain who will play the next Bond. In addition, fans will probably have to be patient:

“No one’s in the race yet. We’re working on where we’re going with him [James Bond] want to go, we’ll discuss that. There’s no script and we can’t write one until we decide how to go about the next film because it’s really going to be a Bond reinvention. We’re reinventing who he is, and that takes time. I would say filming is at least two years away.”

In view of this statement, fans should probably not be on the lookout for a return from the British agent in the next few years, after all it will take time Start of filming still quite a while until a film is finished and hits the cinemas. Meanwhile, the time can be passed with speculation about which actor may embody 007 next.

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