buffedCast: #597 with WoW, WotLK Classic, Overwatch 2, Lost Ark and TESO

buffedCast: #597 with WoW, WotLK Classic, Overwatch 2, Lost Ark and TESO

Today’s episode of the buffedCast is brought to you by Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, the brilliant Borderlands offshoot! The game is now available on Stream for PC and is available for a bargain price at the Steam Summer Sale right now. You can find out more information about the game at playwonderlands.2k.com

Karsten and Phil start the 597th episode of the buffedcast with a discussion about whether the release of WoW Dragonflight, which should take place later this year, might not be a little premature. However, both recognize that the testing effort with Dragonflight will probably be less extensive than with previous extensions. That in turn leaves more time to talk about WotLK Classic. Because that’s where the beta started and Blizzard also gave out a lot of other information about the third classic edition.

Afterwards, the two talk about the new path that Blizzard has taken with Overwatch 2. Because the second part of a full-price game will soon become a classic Free2Play shooter with the release on October 4th – with all the advantages and disadvantages. Lost Ark is also an issue. Because Free2Play recently threw a lot of bots out of the game and lost over 60 percent of its players in the process. Towards the end Karsten then tells us about his adventures in the latest TESO chapter High Isle and why he is satisfied with the new Playstation Plus, but no more.

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buffedCast #597

00:00:00 Greeting
00:07:07 Tiny Tina’s Wonderland
00:10:43 WoW Dragon Flight
00:28:31 WoW Shadowlands
00:41:40 WoW WotLK Classic
01:19:29 Overwatch 2
01:35:42 Lost Ark
01:46:10 TESO
01:55:30 PlayStation Plus

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