Harvestella mixes Stardew Valley with Final Fantasy

“Harvestella” was presented yesterday at the Nintendo Direct mini announced. We are dealing with an exciting genre mix that relies on a wide variety of elements. For example, much of the gameplay consists of running your own small farm, but you also have to fight monsters.

Harvestella focuses on farming, seasons and action

What is Harvestella? Publisher and developer studio Square Enix introduces “Harvestella” as a “fantasy and life simulation RPG”. In it, one counts vast world to explore and with different seasons to cope while we have a manage the farm. Just stupid that one fifth, nasty season called “Silentium” makes life difficult for us.

Check out the Harvestella announcement trailer here:

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That’s what it’s about: We’re feeling the urge Lethe, to a little hamletwhere we want to build a new life. We can do a variety of things Sow plants, water them, care for them and harvest them. We can then conjure up different delicacies, for example, from the materials and food obtained. In addition, there is also the possibility of fishing.

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But apparently in “Harvestella” not only cooked, but also neatly crafted will. Around not only dependent on our own cultivation products to be, we can also go to to fork up materials elsewhere. However, we also get it with one heaps of enemies to doagainst which we must fight. We have all sorts of different attack types at our disposal.

Friendships & NPCs: In the world of Harvestella we are natural not alone or just traveling with monsters. On the contrary: there is lots of NPCswho we can befriend and yes, we may also pet animals! Ultimately, together with our friends, this is what counts Mystery surrounding the mysterious and deadly fifth season to air “silentium”.

When is Harvestella coming? It won’t be too long then Harvestella is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC. More precisely: On November 4, 2022 the launch should take place when nothing else changes.

How do you like the trailer? Do you like the mix that Harvestella offers? Tell us in the comments.


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