LoL: Pro team allegedly has to fire 4 players because they bet on the wrong sponsor

LoL: Pro team allegedly has to fire 4 players because they bet on the wrong sponsor

In League of Legends, young players rise to pro status after years of training, but careers can be over quickly. According to an online magazine report, a Brazilian professional team has now had to lay off 4 players because their sponsor, a crypto exchange, has apparently slipped into a crisis. The players have to pay for it. But according to the crypto exchange, they are doing great.

Which team is it?

  • It’s about the Brazilian esports team “Rensga Esports”. You compete in the Brazilian professional league CBLOL: Brazil is considered a growth market in gaming.
  • In “Rensga Esports” 2 South Koreans play as top laners and supports. The other spots are occupied by Brazilians.
  • But now 4 players are said to be released.

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Bottom of the table in the league and the main sponsor relies on Bitcoin

Why are players getting fired? Things are going twice as bad for Rensga Esports at the moment:

  • They are in last place in the league, 1-5
  • Additionally, their biggest sponsor is a Brazilian crypto exchange, BitPreço. They are so closely linked to the team that they even appear in the name: Team SoloMid entered into a similar deal with a crypto exchange.
  • But the Brazilian crypto exchange has heavily committed to the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and Bitcoin is in crisis: the currency has lost over 53% of its value in the last 6 months
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Hopefully there will never be such news about LoL teams from Germany:

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Team allegedly kicks out veteran players and Korean imports

These are the planned changes: As the Brazilian site MGG reports, citing anonymous sources, the heavy losses in bitcoin are said to have led to a slump in sales on the crypto exchange. This crisis is now responsible for Rensga dismissing 4 players. It says:

  • the two South Koreans would have to go
  • the experienced botlaner Goku (25) is now probably too expensive
  • the job of jungler Minerva, who started his career in 2013, also seems uncertain

According to MGG, they plan to replace the 4 players with their own junior players from the Academy team.

Crypto exchange denies connection, thinks they’re doing great

What does the team say? In a press statement, the team confirmed that they are making changes to the roster, but not exactly which ones.

Instead, they present themselves as a “strong brand” that stands for “innovation, new business and rapid development”.

The sponsor states that the sponsor deal with Rensga expires on June 30th and that an extension or extension is possible. It is said that there are no financial difficulties, on the contrary: the exchange is the largest in Brazil in terms of trading volume for Bitcoin.

Therefore, all connections between changes in the squad and the situation on the crypto exchange are purely speculative. Keep believing in the team and cheering him on.

Neither the sponsor nor the team respond to possible financial problems.

Life as an esports pro can be right. Some things are just not in your hands:

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