Lost Ark: Get a free penguin costume for the MMORPG with Amazon Prime – Here’s how

Lost Ark: Get a free penguin costume for the MMORPG with Amazon Prime - Here's how

Amazon Prime Gaming has had a package with new loot for the MMORPG Lost Ark since June 28th. As you are used to, Crystalline Aura and the rare Amethyst Shards are free again. A free penguin outfit beckons as a special incentive in July 2022.

What’s currently on Amazon Prime Gaming? In July you will again receive a package consisting of three different items:

  • Crystalline Aura – Duration 5 days
  • 500 Amethyst Shards
  • Penguin Outfit Selection Chest

You can claim the free items simply by visiting Amazon Prime Gaming (via Amazon). However, an active “Prime” membership at Amazon is required. You can pick up the free items until July 26th, before new Prime Gaming loot comes to the site.

If you are not a Prime user, you can start a 30-day test phase and actually get the loot completely free of charge. But keep in mind that this is only possible once.

In this article we will explain to you exactly what these items are and how you can even connect the Lost Ark and Prime accounts.

You can see why the skins look really nice in this video:

5 MMORPGs with the most beautiful graphics

New item turns you into a penguin

What’s behind the leaf jewelry selection chest? The chest contains a cute penguin skin. There are two different costumes to choose from, both of which make you a waddling hero. One of the skins adorns the penguin with chic sunglasses and a cool necklace, while the other is more akin to a sailor.

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Note, however, that the outfit binds to your character once you have opened the selection chest and you can no longer pass it on to other characters.

What does the Crystalline Aura do? The aura brings you some useful bonuses for 5 days, including:

  • Fast travel becomes free
  • Overseas ship fee reduced by 50%
  • An extra try for daily relationship actions
  • 10% more health regeneration
  • Two additional Bifrost slots
  • 50% less cooldown for Song of Return
  • Various waiting times at your own stronghold will be reduced and XP in the training ground will be increased
  • You temporarily get the title crystal patron

Otherwise you can get 30 days of this aura for 450 crystals in the shop. This costs around 5,000 gold in-game currency or just under 11 euros using the real-money currency in the game. So taking these bonuses with you for free is worth it.

What are amethyst chips? The shards are a currency that you can only get through achievements, twitch drops or Prime Gaming. You exchange them for Crystalline Aura, Emotes, Mount or new Companion Pets.

You can find out exactly how this works in a guide that we have prepared for the shards.

Claim Prime rewards and link accounts – Here’s how it works

How does this work? All you need to do to receive the rewards is to connect the Amazon and Lost Ark accounts and have an active Prime membership. You go up to that the official website for Prime Gaming.

  • First you have to log in with your Amazon account. Two-factor authentication is required for this.
  • Then you link your Prime to your Steam account on which you play Lost Ark.
  • Now you can redeem the loot on the website. It will land in your in-game mailbox a few minutes later.
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What do you think of the new rewards? Do you like the penguin better than last month’s leaf decoration? Or do you wish for more practical items like the relationship chest in May? Write it to us in the comments here at MeinMMO.

In the meantime, Lost Ark is taking proper action against scammers: Lost Ark bans the heads of 12 of the largest guilds in the MMORPG – it was all the same person