Lost Ark: Omnium collect and turn in stars – Here’s how

Lost Ark: Omnium collect and turn in stars - Here's how

Omnium Stars are collectibles in Lost Ark that you can get in Punika and exchange for other valuable rewards. We at MeinMMO will show you where you can get which omnium star.

There are a total of 6 Omnium Stars in Lost Ark. So you have less to do with it than farming all 15 giant hearts, for example.

Omnium Stars are available for quests, a boss and a certain reputation level, among other things.

How do I farm which omnium star?

  • Omnium Star #1: Complete the main quests in Punika. After that you can accept another short quest line from the NPC Nia and get the star.
  • Omnium Star #2: Reward for the second reputation level in the quests “Madness Stacks on the Altar” and “Pool of Cleansing” in Una’s quests.
  • Omnium Star #3: For this you need the highest relationship rank with Nia.
  • Omnium Star #4: You can buy the fourth star for 8,000 sun coins. Go to the ship of the Marlin Hunters Guild in Punika.
    Omnium Star #5: Defeat the Moake area boss in Tikatika Colony.
  • Omnium Star #6: You can get the last star from the NPC Kaputte Stella. For this you have to go to the Garden of Despair on the Island of Fear. To get into the garden, you need a key.

Where do I turn in Omnium Stars? In the village of Nia on Punika you will find the NPC Albion. You can exchange your collected stars with him for a reward per omnium star.

In the video you will find a few general tips for the endgame in Lost Ark:

Everything you need to know about the Lost Ark endgame – in the video

What rewards are there? For each collector’s item you get a valuable item to improve your character. Some of the potions are particularly useful, otherwise you won’t get any more skill points without leveling up and you won’t be able to level up your skills.

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There are two skill point potions in total. Two value increase potions are added, a small one and a large one. The small potion brings 5 ​​strength, intelligence and dexterity, the large 25 each. For star no. 3 and no. 5 you get a rune each. First “Overwhelm” and later “Wealth”.

How many omnium stars have you already farmed? Or did you focus on other collectibles first? What item level has your character already reached? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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