Peridot: Growing up and letting go

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from Susan Brown
Peridot’s beta is still limited to certain regions, but every once in a while, people outside of Singapore and Malaysia will have a chance to meet and experience their first Niantic pet. A key element of Peridot gameplay is breeding unique dots – but for that you have to let them go. But… do you really have to?

The beta of Niantic’s new game Peridot is already running in selected Asian countries. If a western gamer ever wants to enjoy raising their own cute virtual pet, they either have to use a VPN service or they are invited to do so by the creators of Peridot. So happened with that The Verge author Andrew Webster, who shares his experience with his dot in an article. In the process, some information comes around that was previously less specified.

Letting go of peridots – for the sake of biodiversity!

Speaking to Peridot Senior Producer Ziah Fogel at Summer Game Fest 2022, Webster wondered how long it takes for a peridot to mature before it is ready to be used for breeding. In the current build, Fogel says, it takes one to three days for a peridot to transition from baby through teenage status to adult specimen — the happier a peridot, the faster its growth.

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