PUBG: This is what the new 8×8 map Deston looks like – what you can expect from July

PUBG: This is what the new 8x8 map Deston looks like – what you can expect from July

Krafton brings a new 8×8 map to PUBG with Deston on July 13, 2022 and has now presented it in detail.

According to the developer, this is a partially flooded, futuristic mega-city map.

Considers previous feedback

According to Krafton, Deston was designed with feedback from the Map Haven in mind. This was done to ensure that the look, feel and mechanics matched PUBG.

“Deston is the largest, tallest, and most densely built map the game has ever seen,” it says. During a match on Deston, players will experience dense urban environments with tall buildings, hilly landscapes, meadows, and redesigned swamps.”

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Deston aims to find the middle ground between entertaining gameplay and a realistic playing field.

Here you can see the new map from above:

The new map from above.

New mechanics for PUBG

A new movement mechanic also comes into play with the introduction of Deston. The Ascension Rope is a motorized pulley system attached to the walls of certain buildings that quickly takes you to the top of such a building.

As a new gadget you get the permanent base jumping parachute for your inventory. So you should be able to safely jump from Dento’s high places without biting the dust.

There are also working gas stations on the map where you can refuel your vehicles. Just make sure that no one blows up the gas station while you’re doing it.

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