Stranger Things 4: How the Upside Down Works + New Finale Poster

The countdown is running! Nice in two days run the final episodes of Stranger Things 4 at Netflix. Reason enough, just a little bit in advance Light into the darkness of the Upside Down bring to.

To anticipate that Season 4 finale on July 1st still increase, was also recently a new poster released.

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Stranger Things 4: A Brief Recap

In episode seven of current season we learned how Eleven opened the portal to the parallel world and Henry Creel aka Vecna landed there.

Something earlier in this episode embark Steve, Nancy, Robin and Eddie into the upside down and end up in Nancy’s room. There she finds that nothing is the same as she left it in the normal world. Instead, the room is still there in that conditionin which it was in the night as Will Byers disappeared – that is, in 1983.

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How does time work in the Upside Down?

All of this may seem confusing at first, but now Stranger Things production designer Chris Trujillo has explained that it is Frozen Upside Down in 1983 became – several years after Eleven opened the gates and Vecna ​​exiled.

The set dressing and world of the Upside Down frozen in the moment it was accidentally created by Eleven. So once we’re in Nancy’s room, we’ll discover in the Upside Down that her room is like it was in Season 1 when we first met it.”

Chris Trujillo

So the standstill of time is with Elevens first interaction with the Demogorgon in 1983 tied together. Apparently she banished 001 (hence Henry Creel) 1979 into the parallel world, blocked that memory however. Therefore we can assume that that Upside Down existed before Season 1when Eleven opened a portal between the two worlds.

the Statement by Chris Trujillo you can in the following video from minute 2 see:

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