Twitch streamer says “women belong in the kitchen” – gets banned

MontanaBlack on Twitch.

It happens from time to time that well-known Twitch streamers get a ban on the streaming platform. In the case of Internet personalities, who are now better known for their controversial statements, a ban is only more likely. This is how the streamer Dimitri “Greekgodx” Antonatos was affected, who received a three-day ban on Twitch.

For Greekgodx, women probably belong in the kitchen

Greekgodx himself explains that the ban was given because of a dance at which you could see his bare chest. Going forward, the streamer now wants to be “good” and stop doing such dances, but some users are currently speculating that his dance routine wasn’t the actual reason for his ban.

Just before the ban, Greekgodx held a stream in which he explained that how he imagines his future relationship:

“This goes out to any woman who wants to be with me, especially streamers. If you want to be with me: your career is over. I’ll stream while you cook and clean for me. You take care of me the kids while I make all the money.”

In a relationship, the Twitch streamer would like to earn all the money while his partner cooks, cleans, and takes care of any children for him. For Greekgodx, however, most of the streamers are partners at the same time only because of the social status and the money with these. Since streaming is a “burden on his mind and soul,” he needs someone in a relationship to take care of everything else.

Above all, his statements after the received ban suggest that his speech about women had something to do with it. Alongside his tweet about streamer girlfriends Greekgodx also stated:

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“I love waking up every morning full of testosterone and ready to face the day. Shout out to all the beautiful men who follow me.”