1-meter-tall Giganotosaurus: Jurassic World merch is guaranteed to promise no nightmares

1-meter-tall Giganotosaurus: Jurassic World merch is guaranteed to promise no nightmares

If you’ve always dreamed of getting one meter tall T-Rex to put it in the living room, then thanks you can do it now Warner Bros. and Mattel do. The two companies have prepared something for you.

The latest merchandise on the topic Jurassic World Dominion: A New Era is here and not only brings the gigantic and dreaded T-Rex to your home. Also the giganotosaurus is one of the party, which can hold a candle to the T-Rex in terms of size.

The Mattel T-Rex is 101 cm long. © Warner Bros./Mattel

The T-Rex is in this unique design proud 101 cm long. A real dinosaur classic, for the first time in oversize!

Jurassic World: Dominion – Big merch for the little ones

Both “extra large dinosaurs” are about one meter long, have movable joints and the best? The “toy” is for Children from 4 years suitable. According to the packaging and press material, children can obviously with the bloodthirsty giganotosauros have a lot of fun.

Eat or be eaten? © Warner Bros./Mattel

Don’t they get nightmares looking at the face of such an oversized, ravenous dinosaur? That’s a question for another day.

The decision is yours to buy the giant dinosaurs for you or your children – but the giant lizards are extremely popular. Would you put them in your living room?

How much do the giant dinosaurs cost? The RRP of the Giganotosaurus is 99.99 euros. The lizard is currently at Amazon for 75.99 euros offered. According to the RRP, the T-Rex also costs 99.99 euros and can currently for 90.65 euros be acquired.

By the way, there are a few more dinosaurs from the series. Namely the atrociraptorthe Carnotaurus and the Indominus Rex. The Indomunis Rex in particular with its disturbing face is sure to do well at the next children’s birthday party.

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