Battlefield 7 gets single player mode again

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First details about the shooter

The next Battlefield game is already in development. Publisher Electronic Arts wants to learn from its mistakes and also deliver a single-player mode.


Battlefield 2042 was released without a single player mode.
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The next Battlefield game from publisher Electronic Arts will probably be one again Single player mode and story missions receive. That came from one vacancy of the publisher, which has been online since the beginning of the year and is now published by the GameStar has been discovered.

The last title in the series, Battlefield 2042, was released completely without a single-player campaign and relied solely on its multiplayer matches. This could the fans due numerous bugs and questionable gameplay elements not convincing though.

For the next game, which will be the seventh part of the Battlefield series, EA is now looking for one experienced design director, who is tasked with designing a story campaign with missions. So it’s almost certain that “Battlefield 7” will get a single-player mode again.

Due to the negative feedback on the predecessor, it seems logical that the publisher would want to take a different approach for their next game. Although numerous fans regularly return to Battlefield for the multiplayer battles, they were action-packed story campaigns nevertheless always an important figurehead.

insiders according to the next Battlefield is already in development and should not repeat the mistakes of Battlefield 2042. Nothing is officially known about the scenario, but it will be with one Release in 2024 expected.

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