Diablo Immortal: The best build for the crusader briefly explained – ideal for solo & groups

Diablo Immortal: The best build for the crusader briefly explained - ideal for solo & groups

Crusaders are one of the most versatile classes in Diablo Immortal. They serve as a tank or support in a group, but they can also dish out really good damage. MeinMMO shows you with which skills, attributes and items you play the class best.

Diablo Immortal offers tons of different items and mechanics that you can use to optimize your character. So that you know exactly what you have to look out for when it comes to the Crusader, we explain everything about the optimal ones here:

  • attributes
  • capabilities
  • equipment
  • precious stones

Crusaders, or Crusaders, are a hybrid class. They can take on different roles, but in most cases serve as a damage dealer or as a tank. The latter role refers to classes that absorb damage from opponents and protect their own group.

The crusader has ideal prerequisites for both types of play and is therefore high on the tier list of Diablo Immortal. You can see gameplay for the Crusader and the 5 other classes here in the video:

Diablo Immortal: All 6 classes at a glance with gameplay

Diablo Immortal: Crusader Build

These are the Crusader’s strengths: The Crusader’s most important feature is its area-of-effect attacks, or AoE abilities. Almost all skills of the class are based on fighting and killing many opponents at the same time.

With abilities like Consecration, Judgment or Heavenly Execution you wipe out entire hordes of enemies in seconds. In addition, you have the ability to prevent damage to yourself and even your group.

With supporting abilities, control effects on opponents and a horse, you are also suitable as a support and “scout” in a troop. So you ride ahead, collect opponents and bind them to you in order to maintain important killstreaks or trigger events.

Crusader build: The most important attributes

Here you will find the most important attributes in the ranking:

  1. Strength – Increases your damage
  2. Tenacity – Increases armor penetration and armor
  3. Vitality – Brings you more life
  4. Willpower – Increases potential and resistance
  5. Intelligence – Does not bring any bonuses to the Crusader

Secondary stats to look out for are Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage. Alternatively, an increase in all damage will help you. All other effects are less important for this build.

Crusader Build Abilities and Rotation

For the best solo build or if you’re purely dealing damage in a group, it’s best to use the following skills:

  • Punish (Main Attack)
  • Quarter
  • consecration
  • Heavenly Enforcement
  • vortex shield

Do you want to focus more on your role as a tank and supporter? further down the build alternatives.

Rotation: Start with four pieces to collect and bind a group of enemies to you. This is the most important skill for this build. The skill increases your movement speed and allows you to ride through enemies. You chain up to 8 opponents and drag them behind you – depending on the Legendary.

Quartering makes you the fastest class in the game, allowing you to both progress faster and escape from dangerous situations. In addition, their damage is essential to efficiently kill opponents.

If you have enough opponents on you, use a consecration to deal damage. Then use Vortex Shield and Celestial Enforcement to take out groups that are as large as possible. Kill remaining enemies with penalties. YouTuber KaidGames shows how the build looks in action in the embedded video:

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Crusader Build Gear

  • Weapon: Riot
    • Heavenly Enforcement creates a storm of blades that damages enemies. However, you can no longer teleport to the destination.
  • Shield: sinkhole cross
    • Vortex Shield levitates in a location to damage and slow enemies.
  • Head: Arrow Keeper
    • Holy Banner’s inspiration moves with you.
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Note: There is no helm to help the solo build. However, Arrow Keeper is useful for your tank option, making it ideal as a hybrid alternative. Else use any helmet except Many-Eyed Aegis.

  • Armor: Besieger
    • Quarters periodically calls out bombardments that damage enemies.
  • Shoulder: Sivket’s Advantage
    • Increases the duration of quarters.
  • Pants: Razor Greaves
    • Quartering no longer chains enemies, instead leaving a trail of fire behind you that burns enemies.

For your secondary items, it is best to use the Perfect Wind Force set. This increases your movement speed and damage. It also makes you temporarily immune to damage. In our guide you will learn where to find the sets and what they do.

Diablo Immortal: Change Difficulty – This is how you get stronger loot

Crusader build: Legendary and regular gems

For normal gems, the following priority applies:

  • Red: tourmaline > ruby
  • Blue: Sapphire > Aquamarine unless you’re playing Tank. Crusaders benefit greatly from armor.
  • Yellow: Citrine and topaz are about equal. Choose the gem with the highest rank here.

The best way to get normal gems is through hidden hoards. You can collect up to 6 gems here every day. In the guide we tell you where you can find hidden hoards in Diablo Immortal.

Legendary gems provide better resonance, but are a bit more expensive to farm and can be time-consuming to obtain. We’re therefore listing the best Legendary gems to start with and those to work toward towards the end of your build.

Legendary gems with 1-2 stars to start with:

  • endless agony
  • Fervent Fang
  • Eye of the Berserker
  • lightning core
  • Seled’s debuff
  • Chained Death

5-Star Legendary Gems for Final Build:

  1. Blood-Soaked Jade
  2. blessing of the worthy
  3. Dripping bile
  4. Call of the Howler
  5. Petrified Flesh Shard
  6. Lightning Core (2 Stars)
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The legendary gems with 5 stars are sorted by value. If you don’t get them all, try replacing them in order from top to bottom. However, the 2-star gems are already strong enough to get you through most content.

Getting and upgrading gems is the big Pay2Win factor of Diablo Immortal. You can also get the best gems for free, but you have to invest a lot of time to do so. You can see exactly how these items work and how you get them in the video:

Diablo Immortal: What are Legendary Gems? Facts and locations in 3 minutes

Endgame Crusader Build: Paragon, Awakening, and Spells

The best Paragon for all builds is Vanquisher. Expand this tree to deal more damage. As a tank, Survivor is an alternative, but only if you always have a group at the start. Otherwise, Vanquisher is always the better choice. If you have points later, you can put them in Gladiator for PvP or in Treasure Hunter for farming.

If you want to reforge your armor later, use quake stones, revenge stones or demolition stones. When awakening your items, you should improve the following slots according to priority:

  1. Shoulders
  2. Legs
  3. Sign
  4. Breast
  5. weapon
  6. head

Spells increase your abilities. You can easily build your own spells and earn platinum along the way, but it’s hard to come up with the perfect spell. If you don’t get the perfect spell, this is your priority:

  1. Punish
  2. Quarter
  3. vortex shield
  4. consecration
  5. Heavenly Enforcement

Alternatives: This is how you play in a group

If you don’t want to play alone or just want to dish out damage, you can quickly become a support and tank in the group with a few tweaks. All you have to do is make a few adjustments:


  • Consecration => Incantation of Light
  • Heavenly Execution => Holy Banner


  • Chest: Justice without favor
  • Shoulders: Wind-Blessed Pauldrons

Whether dealing damage or tanking, the Crusader is one of the best classes in Diablo Immortal. But if you want to exploit its full potential, you have to invest a lot of time – or grab your wallet. Especially if you want to try your hand at PvP:

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