Location on 30.06. – How about supplies at the end of June?

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Of: Noah Struthoff

Alternate keeps surprising us with mini-drops for the PS5 that will remain available for a long time. Now the next bundle sale could soon be pending.

Update from 06/30/2022, 11:15 a.m: The PS5 is currently not available for Alternate – not even as a bundle. However, it is worth keeping a closer eye on this retailer if you like the price and the mostly large size of the bundles. Replenishment has always come in dribs and drabs lately. Bundles became available again and again and sold in smaller quantities, sometimes over several days.

If you don’t want to miss any drops and always want to be up to date on the current supply situation for the PlayStation 5, then you should definitely take a look at our PS5 live ticker regularly.

Update from 06/29/2022, 07:50 a.m: At Alternate, the following PS5 bundle is currently available from time to time:

If you are interested but the bundle shows as sold out, please try again later.

Original message from 06/28/2022: Hamburg – Alternate has repeatedly stirred up the PS5 market in recent months. The retailer sold quite expensive bundles of Sony consoles and made hundreds of fans happy. It is particularly interesting that the consoles were sometimes available for several days. But what about supplies at the moment? We’ll show you the current situation at Alternate and give you all the details about new supplies.

Buy PS5: Mini-Drops at Alternate – What about replenishment?

When did Alternate last sell the PS5? The last drop at Alternate took place on June 24th. There the Horizon bundle was sold together with a headset and another game. A similar bundle was previously sold on June 19. All important links to the PS5 at Alternate can be found here:

When could there be a new drop? Alternate is currently supplying its customers with the PS5 fairly regularly. The quantities sold are not very large, but they are regularly available. It is considered very likely that another bundle will appear in the coming days. Expect at least one PS5 bundle to be sold in July. However, there is no fixed drop day or drop time.

Buy PS5 at Alternate: location on 28.06. – New bundles on the way? © Alternate/Sony/Unsplash

Buy PS5: Important information about buying consoles from Alternate

You should know that: In most cases, Alternate offers expensive bundles for the PS5. The console is offered there together with headsets, other controllers or games. As a result, you sometimes pay more than 1,000 euros for a bundle, but the price is fair in most cases. So there are very high-quality headsets or accessories, which definitely justify the price.

Also, the sale at Alternate is trickle. A small number of bundles are always offered and only when this quantity is sold out are further bundles added. As a result, the drops are very long and can last for several hours. Persistence is rewarded. We also inform you about all drops and sales in Germany in our live ticker about buying PS5.

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