PlayStation VR2: Leak shows real footage for the first time

So far, Sony only has various marketing images for it Playstation VR2 shown. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to estimate how the headset will actually look or feel. But now there is finally one real picture of the gaming headset surfaced.

This is what the PS VR2 looks like

The first real footage (not coming directly from Sony) of the long-awaited one is currently circulating on Reddit Playstation VR2. Originally leaked on Bit Planet Games, this is how we get the Contents of the Basic Bundle to see. besides headset will the two Sense controller along with matching handles and the corresponding connection cable be included.

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While most users get one want wireless version, this does not seem to be implemented. The first PlayStation VR headset required a breakout box, which the second version doesn’t have. The PSVR2 can thus connected directly to the PlayStation 5 will.

When can you test the PlayStation VR2 yourself?

This leak gives hope that the PlayStation VR2 will be available soon try it yourself can. The gamescom certainly well offered. As we have already reportedbecomes However, Sony is not there this year be.

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Of the release date of PlayStation VR2 remains in the stars. Nevertheless, Sony gave the keynote in the CES 2022 technical details known. Accordingly, the headset will, among other things, about following specifications feature:

  • 4K HDR
  • 110 degree field of view
  • eye tracking
  • Foveated rendering
  • Display resolution of 2000×2040 pixels per eye
  • 90/120Hz refresh rates

through the Inside-out tracking function players and controllers are followed via cameras. These are integrated in the VR headset. Thus, viewing directions and movements without external cameras be reflected in the game.

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Furthermore offer eye tracking, Headset Feedback, Sense controller and 3D audio a highest immersive gaming experience. The mentioned Headest Feedback allows players to feel different impressions – for example an increased heart rate or the airflow of objects flying by.

It remains exciting when Sony finally the release of his virtual reality headset. At the moment, however, everything indicates that we wait until 2023 have to.

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