Pokémon: Ash Ketchum finally makes its video game debut after 25 years

Ash Ketchum is finally making his way into a video game as a real character with a 3D character model.

Ash Ketchum is finally making his way into a video game as a real character with a 3D character model.

Ash Ketchum is probably the most well-known Pokémon trainer ever. This is simply because the young person is the main character of the extremely successful anime series. It’s surprising that we’ve never really seen Ash in a video game. There was a picture of him in the N64 title Pokémon Puzzle League, but never a three-dimensional character model or anything like that. That’s about to change with Ash Ketchum’s first real video game appearance in 25 years.

Ash Ketchum makes 1st proper game appearance in Pokémon Masters EX

That’s what it’s about: Ash Ketchum, you may know him from the long-running and extremely well-known Pokémon series. The guy who gets along so well with Pikachu, you can see him in the picture above. Actually, it would be assumed that this handsome person would have had their own video game before, or at least made a cameo appearance. But puff cake! Since the series started in 1997, that’s never really been the case – until now.

Okay, there is a mini exception. As already mentioned, Ash Ketchum appears in at least the N64 game Pokémon Puzzle League. However, only as a disdainful picture in the puzzle title. A real video game appearance looks different. As he is now in Pokemon Masters EX takes place on iOS and Android: Not as an Easter egg, as a hint, as a pure letter or a 2D image, but as a real, three-dimensional character model.

This is what Ash Ketchum looks like in his first real video game appearance:

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This is what he does in the game: While you can meet Ash Ketchum in Pokémon Masters EX, you still can’t really play as the anime hero yourself. But at least there is now the possibility to team up with Ash against other trainers in the game. Meaning: Ash Ketchum and most likely Pikachu will be companions, a sync pair. So far, the concept only exists in Pokémon Masters EX, here in Pokewiki you can find more information about how this works in general.

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You can play Pokémon Masters EX completely for free on Android and iOS devices. If you prefer to play on your Switch instead, you can now play the N64’s venerable Pokémon Snap with the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack. Otherwise you can wait until the first real Open World editions of the series appear with Pokémon Crimson and Crimson.

What do you think of Ash Ketchum’s first real video game appearance?