Pokémon GO brings anniversary event with new costumes & important Rocket weekend

Pokémon GO brings anniversary event with new costumes & important Rocket weekend

The 6th anniversary of Pokémon GO’s birthday is just a few days away. For this reason, Niantic is holding an anniversary event on the occasion. We at MeinMMO have looked at what spawns and bonuses you can look forward to and what new costumes and special features await you.

What is this event? Pokémon GO celebrated its release on July 6th, 2016, which is why this is a perfect occasion for the developers to crown the birthday of the mobile game with a special anniversary event.

There are numerous spawns and shinys, one or the other bonus as well as new costumes and a very special weekend. Look forward to the following event highlights:

  • Pikachu with cake costume
  • Glutexo and Charizard with party hat
  • Battle weekend with Team GO Rocket and new Shadow Pokémon

When does the anniversary event start? The Pokémon GO Birthday Event will start on July 6, 2022 at 10:00 local time and will run until July 12, 2022 at 20:00 local time.

New costumes for Pikachu, Glutexo, and Charizard

As you know from such events, there will also be various monsters for the anniversary event that will dress up especially for you. Above all, of course, a new costume for Pikachu should not be missing.

So look forward to a Pikachu wearing a cake costume throughout the event. And Charmander has also put on a party hat for you. For the first time you can develop the fire Pokémon into Glutexo and Charizard, also with a party hat.

New costumes for the anniversary event

You can find the costumed Pikachu and Charmander in the wild. Pikachu also competes as a raid boss in level 1 raids. You can also find Charizard with a party hat in the raids.

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All Spawns for the Anniversary Event

At the anniversary event you can not only meet the costumed Pokémon. Numerous other Pokémon are waiting for you in the wild, in raids and in field research. With a bit of luck you can even get hold of a Shiny. All Pokémon that you can also find in their dazzling form have a star on them

  • marked.
    • Wild Spawns:
    • Bulbasaur*
    • Charmander with party hat*
    • Squirtle*
    • Pikachu with cake costume*
    • mahollo*
    • Ledyba*
    • Trasla*
    • haspiror*
    • Toxiped
    • Igamaro
    • fynx
    • Froxy
    • couple*
    • Leufeo*
    • Peppeck
    • sickle
    • scampi
  • Egunana
    • Pokemon in Raids:
    • Level 1 Raids: Pikachu with Cake Costume*, Dratini*
    • Level 3 Raids: Venusaur*, Charizard with Party Hat*, Brawler*, Tyranitar, Metagross
    • Level 5 Raids: Zapdos*
  • Mega Raids: Mega Charizard X (until July 7th), Mega Charizard Y (from July 7th)
    • Pokémon from field research
    • Bulbasaur*
    • Charmander*
    • Squirtle*
    • Endive*
    • fiery gel*
    • Karnimani*
    • dude carbor*
    • Flemmli*
    • hydropi*
    • chelast*
    • Panflam*
    • Plinfa*
    • Serp ivy*
    • Floink*
    • Ottaro*
    • Igamaro
    • fynx
    • Froxy
    • Bauz
    • flamiau


All bonuses for the anniversary event

In addition to the many spawns, you can of course also look forward to one or two bonuses during the event. However, these are not yet complete at this point in time (June 30th), because you can improve them again. Pokémon GO changed Hyper Bonuses in 2022.

So you weren’t able to earn a special hyper bonus event for the GO Fest this year, but you can secure additional bonuses for other events at the various GO Fests.

  • If the global challenge at the GO Fest in Berlin is completed, you can look forward to even more bonuses at the anniversary event. Regardless of this, the following are available to you:
  • Event Field Research
  • New Avatar items in the in-game shop
  • New stickers from Gifts and PokéStops, as well as in the in-game shop
Battle weekend with Team GO Rocket and new Shadow Pokémon

New Avatar Items

The Battle Weekend with Team GO Rocket What is this event?

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During the Anniversary Event, a mini-event awaits you in the form of a special battle weekend. The focus will be on the members of Team GO Rocket.

Meanwhile, you can not only encounter the black balloons more often, but Giovanni, the big boss of Team GO Rocket, is back with a new Pokémon. In addition, trainers who like to play in the GO Battle League can also look forward to one or two bonuses during this time.

Rocket Boss Giovanni with Crypto Latios

  • There will be the following bonuses:
  • Rocket balloons spawn every 3 hours
  • with a Charged TM you can unlearn Shadow Pokémon Frustration
  • 20 Battle Sets per day in GO Battle League
  • 4x Stardust for winning the GO Battle League
  • Special research on Giovanni

Reward: a Super Rocket Radar New Shadow Pokémon:

  • In addition, Team GO Rocket members have new Shadow Pokémon. So look forward to the following monsters, among others:
  • Crypto Latios
  • Crypto Kleinstein
  • Crypto Sheinux

Crypto Felilou When is Battle Weekend with Team GO Rocket running?

The mini-event runs from 09 July 2022 at 00:00 local time to 10 July 2022 at 23:59 local time.

What do you think of the content of the anniversary event? Are you excited to finally be able to face off against Giovanni again? And what additional bonuses would you like to have? Feel free to write us your opinion here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other trainers.

There’s a lot coming up in Pokémon GO in the coming weeks. We show you all events in July and which of them are particularly worthwhile.