Preorder Xenoblade Chronicles 3 from these stores – Preorder Guide

Preorder Xenoblade Chronicles 3 from these stores - Preorder Guide

Surprise! Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will not appear in September 2022 or later, which we originally assumed. It is now officially out on July 29, 2022. So the release date was brought forward slightly.

You can pre-order the highly anticipated title for the Nintendo Switch however already at selected ones online shops. We’ll tell you where you can pre-order the game today and what you have to consider.

Pre-order Xenoblade Chronicles 3, buy from release – where is it online?

You can now buy the title online from the following dealers, it will then be sent to your home in time for the launch day and if you are lucky, it will even be in your mailbox on the first day.

What is Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the direct sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, it takes place in a common future. It takes us after Aionioswhere two nations fight each other.

There would be for one keves. Here plays machine technology a big role, which is why the armies out combat vehicles and soldiers piloting small, manned weapons.

faces the nation agnus. This country is much more in the magic technology proficient, which is why the armies here on fighting with ether focus. These are small, mobile, and autonomous weapons powered by Aether-Tech.

Step into the heart of the story six soldiers on, with which we mostly get to do it. They are trying to bring out the truth behind this conflict. Sword markpierced by a mega sword, is their primary target.

  • Noah is a soldier from Keves, he is the leader of the troops
  • lance is Noah’s ally who fights with a sword that occasionally serves as a shield
  • eunia is extremely quick-witted and a childhood friend of Noah – the healer of the group
  • million is the second protagonist, just a soldier from Angus and also a guide
  • Taion is the strategist who protects Mio with his intelligence and wisdom
  • Sena fights alongside Mio and Taion and relies on physical strength
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And you even meet along the way more friendswho can assist you in battle. It’s going to be strategic!

How do the fights work? The fights start with a direct confrontation on the overworld and in the battle itself, you’ll need to play to the best of your characters and their strengths in order to be victorious. Among other things, it is important how they positioned are.

The Ouroboros are a powerful compound in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. © Nintendo

The are also important classes of characters. You can adjust these over the course of the story to become master of the situation. teams of two can to one Merge ouroboros, which means a temporary boost in strength. This transformation needs to be played out with care.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will be released on July 29, 2022 Released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.