PSVR 2: The first photo of Sony’s VR headset in the wild is here

So sieht es also aus, das fertige VR-Headset für die PlayStation 5.

Render images are nice, but now we know what PSVR 2 really looks like.

In February, Sony finally revealed what their next VR headset will look like – we already knew the look of the controllers at the time. With a chic combination of black and white, the new hardware adapts to the design of the PlayStation 5.

That is new: Now we also have a real photo of PSVR 2, apart from PR stuff and render images (via Reddit). You can see the headset, the two motion controllers and the connection cable. In the picture, the VR glasses look surprisingly small (or the controllers are very large).

The headset lies innocently in an office chair.

The headset lies innocently in an office chair.

Hence the picture: The photo was posted by indie studio Bit Planet Games, who appear to have a PSVR 2 title in the works. When asked by a fan if they weren’t violating a non-disclosure agreement with Sony by tweeting, they replied, “If you had asked six months ago, the answer would have been yes.” However, the answer still appears to be ‘yes’ as the tweet has since been deleted.

If you want to know what’s in the headset, then take a look at our large overview article:

Release, price, technical specs



Release, price, technical specs

When is Sony’s VR headset coming out?

Sony has not yet announced an official release date for PlayStation VR 2. However, statements from various insiders suggest that a release was originally planned for this year. Due to supply bottlenecks with VR displays, Sony will probably not release its PlayStation headset until 2023 – probably sometime in the first half of the year. Anything is possible before we receive any official information.

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RE 4 Remake will get PSVR 2 content, as the trailer reveals:

Resident Evil 4 Remake trailer confirms release date and PSVR 2 content


Resident Evil 4 Remake trailer confirms release date and PSVR 2 content

More PSVR 2 news:

These games will be available for PSVR 2: At the launch, Sony’s VR glasses are to be supplied directly with over 20 games. The big highlight will probably be Horizon Call of the Mountain. But Resident Evil Village, which, like its predecessor, will be completely implemented for VR, should also cause a stir. Unfortunately, it is not known which other titles are available at the start. We have an overview for you of all games confirmed so far for PSVR 2.

What do you notice in the first photo of PSVR 2?