Spellbreak: Blizzard buys developer studio

Spellbreak (Rollenspiel) von Proletariat

Spellbreak developer Proletariat announces that its Battle Royale is about to end. Blizzard takes over the studio and its 100 employees to work on WoW: Dragonflight.

The time will come as early as 2023, when the servers of the spellbreak that has existed since 2018 will be shut down. To report according to However, the development team has been working with Blizzard since May anyway, concentrating on the World of Warcraft expansion that will be released later this year.

Blizzard takes over Spellbreak Studio: Second development team in a very short time

The Spellbreak Studio is not the first to be incorporated into the Californian group: last year, Blizzard Entertainment snapped up the Vicarious Visions studio, founded in 1990, to let the developers work on its projects. While one could still speak of development support in January 2021, Vicarious Visions was then completely absorbed by Blizzard in October of the same year. Toys For Bob had a similar experience, but was allowed to keep its name and helped improve Call of Duty: Warzone and Crash Bandicoot 4 as a support developer since May 2021.

How exactly the team from Proletariat is supposed to work is uncertain at first. in one statements, which the studio released yesterday, the developers thanked the millions of players who have played Spellbreak in Early Access since launch. “We are grateful to all members of the game’s community for exploring the magical worlds and experiences we have created together,” it said.

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