Stellaris: A dragon and seafarers meet in space…

Stellaris: A dragon and seafarers meet in space...

The fifth Expansion Pass for Stellaris on consoles will soon get its second DLC.

Paradox Interactive today announced August 25, 2022 as the release date for the Aquatics Species Pack.

Number two out of three

The Aquatics Species Pack follows the last released Nemesis expansion, in the future the Overlord expansion will round off the fifth expansion pass.

With the Aquatics Species Pack you can lead a seafaring civilization into space. With that comes new configuration options for your empire and more.

Other Stellaris news:

Here is an overview of all the contents of the Aquatics Species Pack:

  • New Origins:
    • Long Live the Dragon: An ancient, intelligent, thousand-year-old wise blue lady dragon orbits the homeworld. She protects, but also demands – is she protector or threat? Or maybe both…
    • Oceanic Paradise: Aquatic creatures have mastered the aquatic elements and are ready to reap the benefits that life in the sea brings. It gives players a larger homeworld as well as happier swarms that grow faster!
  • New Trait – Aquatic: This species has adapted to living on ocean worlds, but less so to life on other worlds. Players must therefore think carefully about their choice from the start.
  • New Civic Element – Angler: In order to harvest the bounty of the ocean, the farming districts must be visited. Here you will find fresh seafood and rare pearls, a precious commodity.
  • New Ascension Perk – Hydrocentric: Aquatic species have evolved cheaper and faster methods of modifying their environment, either by turning planets into oceanic worlds or by enlarging them by harvesting water from other worlds.
  • A new sleek looking ship set that players can use to blaze their way through space.
  • New Aquatics Dragon: A new, majestic space dragon now populates the stars.
  • New Advisor: Now players will sail through space accompanied by the voice of the Seafaring Advisor¸ inspired by high seas adventure novels.
  • 15 new Aquatics portraits
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