Location of 7 vs. Wild: Season 2 could take place here

The second season of 7 vs Wild has been for a few weeks officially announced. Many fans are looking forward to the continuation of the successful project Fritz Meineke. Gradually it fills up participant field. However, the public does not yet know exactly where the whole thing will take place. So far it is only known that the location is a tropical island will act.

We looked at the previous information about the filming location to at least guess where the participants are suspended for a week could.

a notice: We will update this post as soon as there is new information and details surrounding the final location of 7 vs. Wild Season 2.

7 vs. Wild season 2 overview

  • Location: Tropical island, further information will follow
  • production: August/September 2022
  • charisma: November/December 2022
  • prize money: 10,000 euros for a good cause

7 vs. Wild: This is known about the location

Fritz Meinecke deliberately keeps more accurate information about the place and time period the second season back. If everything is turned off, but should transparent explain where the shooting took place.

So far we know that the participants will be abandoned on a tropical island. It will oppressive heat and many animals like Hitting as well as crocodiles give that the adventurers have to come to terms with.

In addition, the shoot during the Rainy season occur. On the one hand it’s good, because you get enough Drinking water can come, on the other hand everything will be wet there. A Fire making could be a challenge.

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Which places are possible?

Since we are shooting in the jungle are located, we can focus on an area near the equator restrict. In an earlier video, Fritz Meinecke had already announced that it was important to uninhabited island to find or a place to den in a radius of 10 kilometers no people Life.

7 vs Wild7 vs. Wild Season 2: The replacement for Robert Marc Lehmann has been found

If we assume that it is actually an unpopulated island, any fall Mainland and the big ones known islands from the grid. The location is most likely a small island east of Australia in the Pacific. A few small stains around Fiji and Samoa around would be conceivable here.

What do you think: Where could Season 2 7 vs. Wild take place? Write it to us in the Comments!