MontanaBlack advises his fans: “Don’t watch my stream”

MontanaBlack is known towards its viewers not to mince words. But what he recently asked of his fans comes as a surprise. In one of his last live streams, he asked them to stop watching streams. Did he agree with that statement scored an own goal?

In fact, it worked for MontanaBlack not very good lately – at least not in his private life. So he took one at the beginning of the year streaming time out. He explained that far from his online life “some things” happened be.

After parting with his ex-wife, Monte appeared mentally and physically exhausted to be. so he enjoys finally doing things again to be able to and exactly that he also recommends to his viewers.

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But his fans want more content again. MontanaBlack responded to a chat message: “Don’t watch my stream!” People should use their time better and less on streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitter spend.

he means most of the content is not worth seeing and you would be doing yourself a favor, that Leave your smartphone or PC out more often.

MontanaBlack thinks summer is a better time to spend. “Better go outside”recommends the streamer. After two years of pandemic you can finally do it again to the swimming pool or bowling walk.

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MontanaBlack doesn’t care about viewership

Should much of his community heed his advice, that would have been for MontanaBlack no major consequences. He’s long since stopped himself to think about viewership and subscriptions.

He can take advantage of this luxury one of the biggest streamers in Germany also quite afford. Higher viewership means more money, but Monte is tired of chasing it.

MontanaBlack is happy about all fanswho turn on, but also has no problem with it when someone don’t want to watch his streams Has. So he takes the liberty to decide for yourself when and what content he produces.

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