Protection of minors: Media should be regulated more tightly

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law soon overturned?

The Broadcasting Commission is planning a reform of youth media protection. According to this, youth protection devices on systems could soon become mandatory.


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The protection of minors in the media could soon become significantly stricter in Germany.

The state broadcasting commission has some proposals for one Reform of the Youth Media Protection State Treaty (JMStV) presented. The aim of the reform should be to improve the technical implementation of youth media protection, to optimize and link existing systems, as on the website specified by the state government of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Apparently this should also include special Parental control systems on devices and in operating systems to install Also the Regulation of Apps is an important goal, as these are used particularly frequently by children and young people. One Content Filtering is not planned, but “responsible persons” are to be defined who are made responsible for the offer on their platforms and devices.

Specifically, this could mean that mandatory youth protection devices be set up in operating systems that ensure that young people cannot access certain content. The game association has to draft position taken and welcomes a reform, but criticizes the considerable need for improvement:

“In particular, the new proposal for a mandatory youth protection device in operating systems is highly problematic because in the proposed form it is unsuitable for achieving the desired goals for substantive, technical and legal reasons. In addition, such a special way is not only not internationally compatible, but even inhibits innovation “, says the official statement.

Also the USK sees the draft critically and fears “a weakening of existing technical protection solutions”. It could also lead to “overblocking”, which would massively restrict the “participation of children and young people in media offerings”. Both those affected and parents the choice is thus taken away when stricter systems become mandatory.

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the German Children and Youth Foundation (DKJS) states that they also consider complete regulation of media content and major interventions in technical infrastructures to be neither possible nor sensible. She calls for the participation of children and young people in the negotiation for youth media protection.

The draft has already been in March submitted by the Broadcasting Commission. Various companies and associations had until June 20, 2022 to comment on the plans, which are now being evaluated. After the summer break, there will be further talks with the Commission, companies and associations to improve the draft.

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