skate.: New trailer shows current development status and calls for testing

skate. (Sport) von Electronic Arts

Skateboard fans have been waiting for a new installment in EA’s Skate series for over ten years. Now a trailer for Skate 4 has been released, which shows new details and calls for testing.

Twelve long years have passed since Skate 3 and since then the skateboarding fan base has been waiting for a sequel. In 2020, Electronic Arts announced that they were actually working on Skate 4. The game hasn’t been released yet, but what’s the current status? The answer is now in a tongue-in-cheek new trailer entitled, “We’re still working on it.”

Skate 4 trailer: New impressions in the rough development status

According to their own statements, the game scenes shown are “pre-pre-pre-alpha” versions and thus moments that are mostly still far from completion. This is also dealt with in a very self-ironic and transparent way in the clip: unfinished, very rough models and impressions directly from the development itself can be seen. One or the other bug should not be missing either.

EA is looking for Skate 4 testers

Nevertheless, there are also a few moments that make an almost finished impression. Among other things, there is also a character to be seen how it shimmying from pole to pole. So it looks like there will be more mobility options, including on foot, which is one of the community’s many requests.

In any case, the video emphasizes that you really want to listen to the fans and that you have taken many of their comments to heart. Anyone with a special interest in skate. (that’s the official title) can now even go one step further and become register as a playtester with EA.

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If you then belong to the chosen few, you can play early versions and actively support the development with feedback. However, these will be closed tests: “The provision of videos, captures and screenshots as well as the streaming of game content is prohibited,” says the relevant website.

What can fans expect from Skate 4?

There aren’t many official details about the new skate game yet, and a release date hasn’t been announced either. In any case, they promise more freedom and opportunities for a creative gaming experience than ever before. At one point in the new video, however, you can see how individual level elements such as rails and ramps are rotated and moved.

It is still completely open whether this is just a moment from the development or whether this could be an editor. Previously, a focus on “user-generated content” had actually been promised, like IGN reported.

The large number of virtual skaters is also striking, which indicates a strong multiplayer component. In a previously released video featuring influencers and skate pros commenting on first impressions of Skate 4, one person couldn’t wait to play with their friends. Furthermore, who else raved about a “beautiful, open world”. This in turn could be an indication of an open world that can be explored freely, as was the case with Skate 2. As is well known, Skate 3 said goodbye to that, where the world is divided into zones.