Update from 30.06. nerfs the strongest weapons – That is still changing

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Of: Janik Boeck

In Warzone on 30.06. a new update live. The patch also packs a punch. The meta’s strongest weapons to date have been heavily nerfed.

Santa Monica, California – The start of Season 4 in Warzone has stirred up quite a bit in Activision’s Battle Royale. With a new map and new weapons, fans got the long-awaited breath of fresh air. Now the first patch went live. The update from 30.06. has nerfed the strongest weapons. We reveal what has changed.

name of the game Call of Duty: Warzone
release March 20, 2020
Publishers Activision
series Call of Duty
developer Raven Software
platform PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC
genre First person shooter, battle royale

Warzone: Update from 30.06. nerfs the strongest weapons

These weapons have been nerfed: After the last major update, some shooting irons quickly emerged as the best weapons in Warzone Season 4. With the update from 30.06. This list is likely to change a lot now. The four strongest weapons all get big nerfs. You can find them here in the overview:

The June 30 update really packs a punch. The NZ-41 loses quite a bit of damage and also gets a whopping scoop of recoil. It has therefore lasered itself first. If you are looking for an alternative, use the setup for the Cooper carbine in Warzone Season 4. The new LMG has also been addressed. With the right setup for the UGM-8 in Warzone Season 4, the shooting iron was simply OP for a short time. That’s over now. The weapon loses in the update from 06.30. Huge amount of damage and bullet speed. In addition, their recoil is increased.

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The H4 Blixen has also been nerfed and loses a lot of range. After the update from 30.06. in Warzone Season 4, the SMG is even more limited to short distances. The new Marco 5 SMG has also been slightly nerfed. However, it remains strong. We have a “Marco 5” setup for you in Warzone Season 4.

Warzone: Update from 30.06. runs small overall

This is still changing: The nerfs to Warzone Season 4’s best weapons so far are the “highlight” of the June 30 update. In addition to the changes, the collectible perks in Warzone have now been activated on the new map Fortunes Keep. It’s also extremely well received by fans – Fortunes Keep has surpassed Rebirth Island in Warzone.

Warzone: The update from 30.06. has it all © Activision (montage)

Otherwise, only a few bugs were fixed in the update from 06.30. fixed in Warzone Season 4. If you’re even more interested in Battle Royale, check out our Warzone themed page. There we will always inform you about the latest news about the game. There you will learn, for example, how to get all 20 perks in Warzone immediately. You can find the full patch notes here Raven Software.